Team Years: 2

Welcome to our 12th Annual Wiregrass Area Buddy Walk® team fundraising page! We are walking to show our support for our child and more than 400,000 other individuals with Down syndrome in the U.S. Every dollar we raise brings us one step closer to ensuring that our child and every individual will have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Our fundraising efforts will support local programs and services, as well as National Down Syndrome Society advocacy and public awareness initiatives that benefit all individuals with Down syndrome.

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

We have been so blessed by the Down syndrome group (the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. group) since we got home from the hospital with our sweet Perri Ann. We feel this group is such an asset to all those on this journey in our area. Perri Ann has blessed our lives and so many others in her short time here. She will turn one on June 10th. We found out about her diagnosis about a week after her birth. We are so thankful that God chose us to be this angel's mommy and daddy! Perri Ann loves to read books and sing "Jesus Loves Me"! She doesn't meet a stranger she loves to talk to everyone! All of your donations will be so appreciated by us and this group. Thank you all!

Our Funds Raised: $2,696.00
My goal: $1,500.00 179%
Fundraising History
Clay, Leslie and Ava Weed $25.00
Linda and Drew Mercier $50.00
Linda Pierson $25.00
Southern Lumber $250.00
Katrina Stallworth $10.00
Marsha Parker $25.00
Amy Kleback $11.00
Dixon Family Private
Wiregrass Surgical $200.00
Emily Turner $10.00
Atkins Family Private
Anonymous Private
Donnie & Amanda Cummings $25.00
Linda & David Madden $50.00
Greg & Sandi Wakefield $100.00
PAs Pals $500.00
Brandy White Campaign Fund $100.00
Glass Doctor - Dothan $100.00
Westgate Christian School $250.00
Mommygram Squared $250.00
The Brown Family $100.00
Zana Arnold $40.00
Meka Lester $10.00
Zana Arnold $5.00
Landon Arnold $5.00
Heather Harden $5.00
Adam Harden $5.00
Addie-Reece Harden $5.00
Emily Turner $5.00
Scott Kleback $5.00
Amanda Killingsworth $5.00
Leigh Meadows $5.00
Reagan Axtell $5.00
Tara Murphree $5.00
Alex Murphree $5.00
Lillian Murphree $5.00
Camille Murphree $5.00
Alexander Murphree $5.00
Amy Kleback $5.00
Ethan Foster $5.00
Conner Foster $5.00
jackie Dean $5.00
Jade Dean $5.00
James Dean $5.00
Luke Clayton $5.00
Greg Wakefield $20.00
Megan Barbaree $5.00
Chris Barbaree $5.00
Alan Dixon $5.00
Heather Dixon $5.00
Greg Foster $5.00
Will Chambers $20.00
Sophie Atkins $20.00
Gracie Atkins $20.00
Hannah Glover $20.00
Valerie Robertson $20.00
Valerie Atkins $20.00
Marci Harrison $20.00
Stephanie Stevens $20.00
Jana Flatt $20.00
Alana Stevens $20.00
Kristie Chambers $20.00
Michael Stevens $20.00
Paul Barnes $20.00
Josh Robertson $20.00
Stacey LaFiore $20.00
Linda Pierson $15.00
Kennon Chambers $20.00
Daniel Axtell $20.00