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Aloha and Welcome to our team page for The Extra Mile®

We are going the EXTRA Mile to promote inclusion and belonging in our communities, schools, churches, the workforce - everywhere, and we ask that you join us!  

This event helps the community understand the extraordinary gifts and contributions that those with "something extra" bring to our lives. By supporting DSAMT you help change not just the life of one individual, or even all of those with Down syndrome, but the entire Middle TN community, as those with Down syndrome build a better community for everyone.

On behalf of Nohea and our entire family, I am asking that you consider donating to this wonderful organization. No amount is too small. When we received the pre-natal diagnosis of Down syndrome, we experienced a range of emotions. It was a difficult time, but we were visited by a parent representative with the Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee (DSAMT).  They congratulated us and connected us with an amazing community. We are so grateful for the opportunities that our family has received because of our connection. For those reasons, we are passionate about raising money for this important organization. Our lives have, and will continue to be, enhanced by the friendships and activities that the DSAMT offers. We so greatly appreciate your love, support, and consideration to this wonderful cause!

DSAMT enhances the lives of people with Down syndrome by providing education, advocacy and support to them, their families, medical providers, businesses, churches, etc., which ensures those with Down syndrome lead meaningful, included, happy lives. 

Go the EXTRA Mile for individuals with Down syndrome with us, and make your tax-deductible donation today. ALL the funds raised for The Extra Mile® will remain local. Thank you for your support!

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Our Funds Raised: $290.00
My goal: $7,500.00 3%
Fundraising History
Tim G $50.00
PALS (Hooray Hoopla LLC) $140.00
Sock Fundraiser
Carrie Rudolph $25.00
The little family Private
Cali Pasion Family $50.00
Love you guys!