Frequently Asked Questions

What are my registration options?

When you register, you will first enter your personal information and shirt size. When you proceed to the next step, you will have the option to enter additional registrants by selecting the green “Add Another Registrant” button. When you proceed to the next step you will have the option of adding a donation as part of the registration. Please review your cart to confirm the correct number of registrants and shirt sizes before finalizing your registration and entering payment.  After completing the registration you will receive a confirmation email for each person registered, a receipt for registration, and a credit card receipt.

How much does registration cost?

Early Bird Adult - $40 (t-shirt included)
Early Bird child 12 and under - $35 (t-shirt included)

After May 31st:

Adult - $50 (t-shirt included if registered by 6/5)
Kids - $45 (t-shirt included if registered by 6/5)

I did not complete my registration. How can I finish my registration at a later time?

An email was sent to your attention with a code and a URL to allow you to restart the registration. If you click on the URL it will take you back to Step 2 of registration; please confirm the data entered and continue your registration. You can also enter the code in the email at the bottom of the screen after you click the “Register” button. If you no longer have the email, please complete this Support Form and indicate that you need your "start registration code."

I tried to sign in, but I do not know my user name and password. How do I get this information?

When you registered for the event, you were emailed a registration letter. This letter contains both your user name and password. If you no longer have the email, you can request your user name and a password reset. In the upper right hand corner of the website in the login area, just click the link called: Forgot My Password.

Can I change my user name and password to something I can easily remember?

Yes, sign in and go to your profile page. From your profile page select *Login and hit enter.  You can then change your user name and/or password.

I am having trouble uploading a photo to my personal profile page.

Please complete this Support Form and indicate that you need assistance to upload your photo.