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Items for Purchase

Park Entrance Fee
Park Entrance Fee: Help cover the cost of park entrance
SU4DS Drawstring Bag
SU4DS Drawstring Bag: Non-Woven Lime Green Drawstring Bag with SU4DS Walk logo
(1) Yellow & Blue Wristband
(1) Yellow & Blue Wristband: 1 randomly selected Down Syndrome Awareness Yellow and Blue Silicone Wristband
(6) Yellow and Blue Wristbands
(6) Yellow and Blue Wristbands: 6 pack of variety Down Syndrome Awareness Yellow and Blue Silicone Wristbands
SU4DS Sport Headband
SU4DS Sport Headband: SU4DS Yellow Sport Headband
DS Awareness Sticker - Qty: 1
DS Awareness Sticker - Qty: 1: 1 randomly selected DS awareness vinyl waterproof sticker decal shown on the image - quantity 1
DS Awareness Sticker - Qty: 15
DS Awareness Sticker - Qty: 15: DS awareness vinyl waterproof sticker decals - quantity 15 decals
SU4DS Ball Cap
SU4DS Ball Cap: Mesh back, adjustable, 3.25" crown

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