Walk of Achievement

We hope everyone is getting excited about our upcoming 16th Annual MVDSA Dayton Buddy Walk!  We have some dates for folks to come to the office and create a Walk of Achievement board for and/or with your loved one with Down syndrome!  Additionally, the WOA guidelines and information sheets are attached should you choose to do them at home.  Please see the information below for in-depth information, dates and times:


Walk of Achievement Boards

There are some simple guidelines that need to be followed to ensure everyone gets equal space and visibility to “show off” their achievements! See the attached guidelines.  We will be providing the boards for those of you that would like them, but if you’d like to purchase your own, please purchase the same size and style (20”x30” Foam Core Board). Also, the information sheet should be of the attached information sheets (depending on the age of your loved one) and be placed in the top left corner of the board. There photos of several WOA boards as examples attached.  We will have Walk of Achievement workspace time in the coming weeks and there will be art supplies, materials, boards, etc. available for those that prefer to complete the board here.  You are welcome to stop by the office and pick up a board, guidelines and information sheet if you choose to do it at home. Office workspace times to be announced very soon!

Regardless of whether you choose to create your board with us, or on your own at home, the board is due NO LATER THAN Thursday, September 26th.  If you don’t have it to us by that date, we cannot guarantee your board will make it to the Buddy Walk.  We need to have a solid count on the amount of boards so we can get them all set up the day before the event and ensure there is enough room for all them!