General Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Walk? 

A virtual walk is a set date and time where we all will pledge to walk in support of the MVDSA and individuals with Down syndrome. Instead of walking with us at an event location, you’ll be walking with us in your own neighborhood, local park, trail, or wherever you choose on Saturday, September 26th! 

How is a virtual walk different from our walks in the past?

We are still walking to support awareness and advocacy for our loved ones with Down syndrome, however we will be walking in different locations and celebrating virtually via Facebook Live, with additional details to be provided at a later date. We will provide details for t-shirt pick up as it becomes available.

What are my registration options?

You can register to start your own team, join an existing team or participant without a team.  When you register, you will first enter your personal information and shirt size. When you proceed to the next step, if applicable you can enter your team name or the team you would like to join. During this step you can also enter additional registrants by selecting the green “Add Another Registrant” button. When you proceed to the next step you will have the option of adding a donation as part of the registration. Please review your cart to confirm the correct number of registrants, shirt sizes and any optional items selected before finalizing your registration and entering payment. Detailed information for registration can be found under the “HELP” tab. After completing the registration you will receive a confirmation email for each person registered, a receipt for registration and a credit card receipt.

I registered last year for the walk. Do I need my user name and password to register this year?

If you are a team captain and would like to have access to the prior year's list of team members and donors you will have the option to enter your user name and password or request them after you select the REGISTER button. Otherwise you can select the REGISTER button and select "No" to continue your registration. If you use the same name and email address from last year, your previous user name and password will be displayed at the end of the registration process.

How much does registration cost?

Participant Registration - No Shirt - free (All ages registration only - shirt not included.)

Participant Registration with T-shirt - $15 (All ages registration - includes t-shirt. Shirt size not guaranteed after 8/30.)

Participant with Down syndrome - free (Walker with Down syndrome, includes t-shirt. Shirt size not guaranteed after 8/30.)

Pet Registration - $10 (Pet registration with a RALLY bandana. Bandana not guaranteed after 9/7.)

I did not complete my registration. How can I finish my registration at a later time?

An email was sent to your attention with a code and a URL to allow you to restart the registration. If you click on the URL it will take you back to step 2 of registration, please confirm the data entered and continue your registration. You can also enter the code in the email at the bottom of the screen after you hit the blue “Register” button. If you no longer have the email, please send an email to indicating you need your start registration code and include your name, email and the event that you are registering for.

I tried to sign in, but I do not know my user name and password. How do I get this information?

When you registered for the walk, you were emailed a registration letter. This letter contains both your user name and password. When you sign in you can access both your personal profile page and your team page if you are the team captain.

Can I change my user name and password to something I can easily remember?

Yes, sign in and go to your profile page. From your profile page select *Login and hit enter.  You can then change your user name and/or password.

I have created a team. If someone donates through my child’s page, rather than the team page, will their donation count towards both my child’s personal goal & our team goal as well?

If someone donates to your child's page then the funds will be counted towards their individual total and also the team totals.  

If you would like donors to only see the team page, you need to go to your child’s personal profile page and set the “Public profile page” to NO.  You can do this by sliding the toggle switch under this field from YES to NO.  

I am having trouble uploading a photo to my personal or team profile page.

The ds-connex support team is available at to upload your photo.