How to setup a team for our walk:

Step 1: If you created a team for our walk in previous years, choose 'Yes' to carry over your team information from last year. Enter your username and password, or if you've forgotten it, provide your email address to have it sent to you.

Step 2: Choose 'Start a Team' to start your new team for this year. Verify your email, mailing address, and provide your t-shirt size. Agree to our waiver and click 'Continue.'

Step 3: Provide a team name and other details for your team. Click the 'Add Another Registrant' button at the bottom to populate your team. Once you've added 4 total members, your only option is to 'Continue to Cart.'

Step 4: Add any additional donation amount to your cart and/or purchase a walk sign, verify your cart contents and billing information, and then click the 'Finalize Registration' button.

On your Receipt Detail screen you will see a button to go to your Fundraising Page Set Up. This will allow you to customize your team photo, your own photo and those of your team members. Customize this page liberally and share it with friends to encourage them to join/donate to your team.

Want to register on behalf of more than 4 people?

If you need to add any more people to your team, make sure you are logged out of your account by clicking the 'Hello [First Name]' link in the top right and choose 'Logout.' Then, click the 'Register' button, choose 'No' on Step 1 and click the 'New Account' button. Then on Step 2, choose 'Join an Existing Team' and make sure to change Registration Type to 'Team Member ($10) Join a Team' or 'Team Member - no shirt ($0).' On Step 3, select the team you created previously. You may also add as many team members as you'd like at this step, you are no longer limited to 4. Complete the registration process like you did for your initial team setup.