Team Years: 6

Welcome to our 2019 Down Syndrome Network of WV Buddy Walk® team fundraising page! We are walking to show our support for our child and more than 400,000 other individuals with Down syndrome in the U.S. Every dollar we raise brings us one step closer to ensuring that our child and every individual will have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Our fundraising efforts will support local programs and services, as well as National Down Syndrome Society advocacy and public awareness initiatives that benefit all individuals with Down syndrome.

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

Our Funds Raised: $821.00
My goal: $1,000.00 82%
Fundraising History
Brandi, JJ, and Adlee Jones $50.00
Michele's 5 Buck Bling $20.00
Harper & Legg Families $25.00
Go Sweet Hannah, We Luv You !! Amber, Roger, Hunter, Colt, Trevor, Saylor, Brycey/Horses, Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, Lizards...Dee 'n Billy ;)
Abby $50.00
Taylor Cunningham $10.00
Michele Garretson $10.00
Becky Bridges $20.00
Mama Haynes & Aunt Pam $100.00
GO #TeamHannah
Mary Canaan $20.00
Best of luck on your walk. Go Hannah 💜
Jenny Davis $75.00
Douglas Haynes $100.00
Ashley Orndorff $21.00
Daniel Orndorff $15.00
Ashley Orndorff $15.00
Taylor Cunningham $15.00
Heather Cavender $50.00
Becky Bridges $15.00
Thelma Haynes $15.00
Jenny Davis $15.00
Tracy White $15.00
Deana Orndorff $15.00
Vanessa Franklin $15.00
Jaydan Franklin $15.00
Chris Orndorff $15.00
Douglas Haynes $15.00
Bill Davis $15.00
Michele Garretson $15.00
Jerry White $15.00
Malan Franklin $15.00
Pamela Haynes $15.00