Baby Got Track

Team Years: 2

Welcome to our 2019 Step UP for Down Syndrome


Baby Got Track is Back! 

We are a team of community members who believe in the mission of ther DSAGR.  

We are walking to show our support for more than 18 programs and other services offered to individuals with Down syndrome and their families throughout Central Virginia. From First Call to transition services to employment skills development, DSAGR is making an impact on OUR community!  Every dollar raised brings us one step closer to ensuring that every individual will have the opportunity to reach his or her potential.

Our fundraising efforts will support local programs and services, as well advocacy and public awareness initiatives that benefit all individuals with Down syndrome in our community.

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

Our Funds Raised: $770.00
My goal: $3,000.00 25%
Fundraising History
Crush Private
Family Chambers $10.00
Good luck Y'all!
The Chantrell Family $25.00
Anonymous $50.00
To some of the best ppl, you are an inspiration! Let’s Go!
Robbie Quinlin $50.00
Wonderful cause! Go get em! If I wasn’t out of town that weekend, I would join y’all! But I will be there in spirit!
Marcy Jones $25.00
Go team go...
RubySlipper & Moo $25.00
In support of my little boyfriend Ethan.
Jeanne Jackson $50.00
Go team!!!!! xoxo
Elizabeth Johnson $25.00
Kate $25.00
Such a great cause!! Totally behind you all!
Mike Boothe $25.00
Excited to be a part of “Baby Got Track” for the 2nd year in a row.
Anonymous $250.00
Robbie Quinlin $25.00
Jessee Helbert $50.00
Matthew Knox Chantrell $5.00
Chris Rush $10.00
Michael Boothe $10.00
Beauly Amos $10.00
Anique Chambers $10.00
Robbie Quinlin $10.00
Sarah Chantrell $10.00
Robin Chambers $10.00
Carol Marie Chantrell $10.00
Alicia Amos $10.00
April Basham $10.00
Jessee Helbert $10.00
David Chantrell $10.00