Take 5(k) for Daniel

Team Years: 2

Welcome to our 2018 Step UP for Down Syndrome fundraising page! 

Daniel is excited to join friends and family for this fun event. 

We are walking to show our support for more than 18 programs and other services offered to individuals with Down syndrome and their families throughout Central Virginia.  From First Call to transition services to employment skills development, DSAGR is making an impact on OUR community!  Every dollar raised brings us one step closer to ensuring that every individual will have the opportunity to reach his or her potential.

Our fundraising efforts will support local programs and services, as well as advocacy and public awareness initiatives that benefit all individuals with Down syndrome in our community.

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

Our Funds Raised: $3,365.00
My goal: $3,000.00 112%
Fundraising History
Nancy Nolan $25.00
Kristen and Brian Hager $100.00
Take 5(k) for Daniel Fundraiser $300.00
Dan Dan $100.00
Team Daniel - we are SO bummed to be out of town this upcoming wknd. Hoping our small gift will help increase an understanding of people w/ Downs, as well as provide assistance to those who need it! You're the man Dan Dan - go get 'em! The Henneseys
Betsy Lowery $50.00
Greg, Danielle and CeCe Waller $50.00
Lauren Bolen and Family $100.00
Sorry we couldn’t make it to the bake sale!
Tammy Rand $10.00
RVA Home Team w/eXp Realty $10.00
Sorry I can not make the bake sale in Salisbury today!
Samantha Phillips $20.00
Chelsea Mastrocola $20.00
Meg Mac $20.00
Megan Hoffman $20.00
Zachary and Nathan Brown $20.00
Amy Brown $50.00
Georgette Keck $100.00
Brad Ridlehoover $100.00
Elizabeth Caldwell $25.00
Marybeth Markee $50.00
Catherine Allen $10.00
Daniela Paraschiv $25.00
Laura Reid $100.00
The Hammitts $25.00
Kate Knerr $100.00
Billy Keck $100.00
Jennie Keck $200.00
Daniel Barker $25.00
The Bartok Family $250.00
We will be with you all in spirit!
Shelley Barker $250.00
Brandon and Barb Cowan $100.00
Unfortunately, we will be out of town on 10/6. Good Luck!
Laura Barker $250.00
Asher McClung $15.00
Gayle Coukos $15.00
Andrea Williams $15.00
Barbara Cowan $15.00
Kennedy Cowan $15.00
Allie Butterworth $15.00
Betsy Lowery $15.00
Carolyn Loftis $15.00
Elizabeth Loftis $15.00
Andrew Loftis $15.00
Brandon Cowan $15.00
Jacob Revels $15.00
Daniel Barker $5.00
Rowan Keck $5.00
Bea ilnicki $5.00
Arabel MacIver $5.00
Charlie Knerr $10.00
Jack Ueberroth $10.00
Anna Brown $10.00
David Barker $10.00
Charlotte Bohannon $10.00
Louisa Ilnicki $10.00
Elsie MacIver $10.00
Parker Allen $10.00
Stella Ueberroth $10.00
Heidi Bohannon $10.00
Amos Welborn $10.00
Alex Knerr $10.00
Ella Brown $10.00
Dax Welborn $10.00
Emmett Ilnicki $10.00
Ben Markee $10.00
Beth Gardner $10.00
Melody Ray $10.00
Laura Reid $10.00
Heather MacIver $10.00
Marybeth Markee $10.00
Catherine Allen $10.00
Christina McClung $10.00
Shelly Ueberroth $10.00
Erin Bohannon $10.00
Jennie Keck $10.00
michael mccullough $10.00
Suzanne Donders $40.00
Teresa ilnicki $10.00
Amy Brown $10.00
Georgette Keck $10.00
Michael Barker $10.00
Trevor Barnes $10.00
Kate Knerr $10.00
Andrew Ilnicki $10.00
Mary Copeland $10.00
Beth Caldwell $10.00
Trish Holland $10.00
Debbie Vara $10.00
Brad Ridlehoover $10.00
Laura Barker $10.00
Shelley Barker $10.00
David Barker $10.00
Billy Keck $10.00
Kendall Colly $10.00
Aaron McClung $10.00
Pete Ueberroth $10.00
Karen colly $10.00
Joe Colly $10.00
Tanja Cottrell $10.00
Vicki Callear $10.00
Robert Bohannon $10.00
Bill Keck $10.00