Hannah's Halos

Team Years: 2

Hannah has faced so many challenges in her two short years.  There were times when the obstacles seemed absolutely insurmountable and times when we didn’t know how we could possibly forge ahead....and THAT’S where Hannah’s Halos have come in.

She is perpetually surrounded by guardian angels.  Nurses, therapists, neighbors, aunts, doctors, work family, church family, friends...even TSA agents!

The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Richmond (DSAGR) is one of Hannah’s longest standing halo-bearers and has been an incredible support throughout all parts of Hannah’s journey.  The DSAGR has provided community, friendship and education and even connected us with a support system in Boston while Hannah had life-changing surgery there in 2017/2018.

Every step of the way, the DSAGR has been there for us, so we ask that you please help us to give back to them so they can continue to provide such crucial support to families just like ours.

Become one of Hannah’s Halos and join us on October 5th as we StepUP in honor of our own little sweetheart, Hannah Leigh! 

Our Funds Raised: $1,640.00
My goal: $2,000.00 82%
Fundraising History
Wiznerowicz Family $50.00
Bonnie, Walter, and Caroline $25.00
Hannah is an amazing little girl and your family is an inspiration! Love you all!
Janelynn Testerman $10.00
The Bruber Family $25.00
Go, Hannah, go!!
Cottam Family $50.00
Zelazny Family Dentistry $50.00
Bryan Schollenberger $10.00
I'll be running a different race that day but I'll pretend I'm running alongside you guys!
Leslie Kadel $25.00
Go, Team Hannah!! You guys are an inspiration!
The Combses $50.00
Ronan $25.00
Maria Barrow Private
Deacon Jim $10.00
Erica Migone Private
Tara Southard Butler $50.00
You continue to amaze us every day Hannah!
Sponsor - KOC $200.00
Kunkel Family $100.00
Douglas Dickie $100.00
Chris Hix $40.00
Spencer Family $100.00
Ann Roper $100.00
Such an honor to walk on your team Hannah!! Your bravery, courage and perseverance continue to amaze me! Love you (and your family) sweet girl💕🎉💕🎉
Beverley Bryant $25.00
Amy and Mary T. $25.00
We love you Hannah!! And all of the Schoolers!!
Marie Osborn $100.00
Joyce Brian $100.00
Hannah Schooler $5.00
Aaron Schooler $10.00
Brennan Schooler $10.00
Mary Turpin $10.00
Miranda Wiznerowicz $10.00
Gabriella "Gabbie" Webb $10.00
Cassy Combs $10.00
Isabella Testerman $10.00
Marie Osborn $10.00
Beverley Bryant $10.00
Chris Hix $10.00
Maria Barrow $10.00
Liz Wiznerowicz $10.00
Eva Wiznerowicz $10.00
Jeffrey Schooler $10.00
Colin Schooler $10.00
Ernie Combs $10.00
Janelynn Testerman $10.00
Maria Saroza-Webb $10.00
Amy Turpin $10.00
Douglas Dickie $10.00
Pat Sutton $10.00
Janet Mullins $10.00
Lauren Schooler $10.00
Deacon Jim Van Wyk $10.00