Team Emerson Members
Jamie Smith
Chad Smith
Kaedyn Smith
Paxton Smith
Emerson Smith
Lindsey McClaren
Troy McClaren
Colton McClaren
Cooper McClaren
Sarah Knoles
Dana Haynie
Ryan Haynie
Brandy Stricker
Jennifer Yearous

Team Emerson

Team Walk Years: 4
Team Emerson: E-Mazing!

Welcome to our 2017 Down Syndrome Festival & 5K fundraising page! We are walking to show support for our child and more than 400,000 individuals with Down syndrome in the U.S. Every dollar raised brings us one step closer to ensuring that our child and every individual will have the opportunity to reach his or her potential. 

Our fundraising efforts support the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma, and all funds raised will stay local. The money we raise will be used to fund the important programs and services provided by DSACO. 

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

Our Funds Raised: $5,477.00
My goal: $10,000.00 54%
Donation History
Philip & Renate Smith $95.00
Linda & Paul Rother $250.00
Jodi Mann $40.00
$10 for wach wonderful year! If I win, please raffle off the tickets!
Jessica Hutchison $65.00
Deborah Lowe $10.00
Doug and Kellie Beacham $100.00
Sara Watkins $20.00
Go Team Emerson!!
The McClarens $75.00
We love you E!!!
Teresa Grellner $50.00
Go Team Emerson
The Esteps $50.00
Brandy Stricker $40.00
Caryn Gilbert $100.00
We love and miss you Emerson! Hug your awesome family from all of us.
Dana Haynie $100.00
Lee Banky $20.00
Lovin Farms $20.00
Julie Dodson $40.00
Sandy Sharkey $20.00
Joseph Fife $10.00
Renate Smith $110.00
Megan Hines $50.00
Lindsay Rother Private
I so wish I could be there for this, but I'll be cheering from Branson!
Daniel & Mary Rother $50.00
Tony & Becky Haynie $25.00
Robert Palumbo $10.00
Karen Case $30.00
Brenda Culp $100.00
Logue Plumbing $50.00
Kerri S. $40.00
Robert Martin $100.00
Nicole Mourning $30.00
Katie Jared $70.00
Arvest Bank $250.00
Crystal Vasquez $20.00
terry burleson $20.00
Trotter Living Trust $50.00
The Health Shoppe $50.00
Janet Persson $50.00
Bryan Weathers $20.00
Anonymous $1,100.00
The Parker Family $50.00
Jennifer Thompson $30.00
Duncan Family $30.00
Jamie Smith $55.00
Brianna Davison $10.00
Brianna Davison $35.00
Kim Golbuff $25.00
Joni Nelson $100.00
April Chesser $85.00
David Clark $25.00
Brianna Davison $18.00
Kathryn Larson $30.00
Tim Golfbuff $25.00
Brianna Davison $6.00
Linda Rother $62.00
Elizabeth Hoke $15.00
Nancy Frank $15.00
Tonya Dilks $75.00
Zalonka Family $50.00
Meagan durham $50.00
Such a fun event! Thanks Jamie for inspiring us all!
sara crabtree crabtree $135.00
Massie Family $170.00
Dave Perkins $50.00
Kevin Wittrock $500.00
Laura Nance $50.00
JT Neal Insurance Agency $100.00
Joe and Mary Ann Brueggen $25.00
Jamie Smith $21.00
Sarah Knoles $35.00
Brandy Stricker $35.00
Jennifer Yearous $35.00