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Team Walk Years: 1

This is our team's first time participating in the 2017 Down Syndrome Festival and 5K fundraiser!

Our Nolan was born on August 29, 2016 and it wasn't until two days later that it was brought to our attention that our new little bundle might have Down Syndrome. What followed was a whirlwind of emotions - denial, anger, sadness - but all along mixed with the elation that comes with a new baby.

There is quite a learning curve when confronted with such an unexpected diagnosis and the process can be very isolating. However, that is where the community at DSACO came in! As soon as we walked into our first New Parent Breakfast the sense of community was palpable. We weren't alone. There was a whole group of people that understood what it was to experience such conflicting emotions on a daily basis: joy and apprehension, triumph and doubt.

But what have we learned over the past year? We are blessed on a daily basis by our silly, affectionate boy and consider it a privilege to be his parents. Wherever this journey takes us we will learn the way as a family with the help of those who have gone before us - and that's where this wonderful organization comes in!

Our fundraising efforts support the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma, and all funds raised will stay local. The money we raise will be used to fund the important programs and services provided by DSACO including First Connection resources for new/expecting parents, summer camps and so much more!

From our family to yours - thank you for your support!




Our Funds Raised: $2,137.00
My goal: $2,000.00 106%
Donation History
Tshirts $197.00
Lily Burleson $20.00
Patty Burleson $200.00
Marita Matthews $100.00
Mandi Merrill $50.00
Ashley Brauer $40.00
Heather Parker $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
June Fletcher $100.00
Derek Burleson $274.00
Happy to help a sweet baby and his family!
Amye Gibbs $25.00
Love your posts on sweet Nolan. His smile makes my day. Good luck!
Jim Harris $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Pat & Leanna Smoot $25.00
Savannah hans $25.00
Melanie Hinther $25.00
I will be out of town that weekend. Wish I could join you! Go Rollin' Nolans!
Doug Burleson $315.00
Nana $50.00
Jessica Harris $56.00
Mike Harris $35.00
Doug Burleson $35.00
Amy Burleson $35.00
Alice Price $35.00
Jeanna Dodd $35.00
Heather Parker $35.00
Ashley Brauer $35.00
Mandi Merrill $35.00
Chelsee Gatlin $35.00
Beau Potter $35.00
Lily Burleson $35.00