Team Lena Beana

Team Years: 5

Welcome to the Team Lena Beana 2019 DSA of DE Buddy Walk® team fundraising page!  We are walking to show our support for Lena and more than 400,000 other individuals with Down syndrome in the U.S. Every dollar we raise brings us one step closer to ensuring that Lena and every individual will have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Our fundraising efforts will support local programs and services, as well as advocacy and public awareness initiatives that benefit all individuals with Down syndrome in our community.

We have truly valued the Delaware Down Syndrome Association and everything it provides for our family.  There are parent POW WOWs sharing helpful info, Individual Education Plan (IEP) support, the legendary Days of Summer Camp that has been so good for Lena, and activities throughout the year with other families.  Some activities we participated in this year have been the Easter egg hunt, pumpkin picking, gym days, a holiday party, and a train ride.  With the DSA as a guide we continue to learn how to be the best advocates for Lena.  We have also built life-long friendships through this strong community. 

Thank you for all your support for the DE Down syndrome Association.  They have been here for us from before Lena was born, through heart surgery, celebrating every achievement, and providing advice at every turn.  This organization is doing great things and we appreciate you giving a gift and/or coming out to walk with us in 2019. 

Thank you for your support!

Love, Cindy, Adam, Lena, and Ethan 

Our Funds Raised: $3,840.00
My goal: $1,500.00 256%
Fundraising History
Mrs Roper $10.00
Sorry I can't be there. Have fun!
Kelsey & the Jones Family $50.00
Sha Carter Private
Trainor Family $20.00
Go Team Lena Beana!!!!!
Bermingham Family $20.00
John and Tara Scherer $50.00
Sarah and Scott $50.00
Sorry we can't make it this year.
Kris and Joe $75.00
James Waltich $50.00
Rob Amato $25.00
Ptah Myers $25.00
Katie Gallivan $25.00
Anna Lewicky $50.00
Jenna Laczkowski $10.00
Delaware Pediatrics $200.00
Go Lena! We love you.
Matthew Gotthold $80.00
The Newfeld Family $100.00
Go Team Lena Beana!!
Lorraine Cochrane $30.00
Casey Urkuski $20.00
Jan & Ed $75.00
Good luck to Team Lena Bena!!!
Anthony DiCintio $100.00
Emily Discavage $20.00
To the girl who never fails to put a smile on my face!
Amie Baker $100.00
So proud to be part of Team Lena Beana. Have a great walk!
Mark Saxon $15.00
Aunt Peggy $50.00
Go Team Lena Beana! Love you!
Veronica $25.00
Bill and Emily $20.00
Jim Demes $100.00
alice jena $10.00
Elizabeth pette $20.00
Dora K Brown $50.00
Cass Byrnes $50.00
The Robinsons $50.00
We love you guys!!!
Mungeer Family $50.00
Go Lena! Congrats on your new brother as well :)
Jason Burns $50.00
The Peteru Family $100.00
Sending you, Lena, and your family lots of Girl Scout love! :)
Ellen & JC $100.00
Sorry we can’t join you this year!! ❤️
The Puglisi family Private
Mariam Naraine $100.00
Because Cindy has always been a wonderful woman ..Lena you have a great role model!!
Susan Dickes $22.00
Go Team Lena Beana!
Michaela van Antwerp Private
Sue Ann Fox $50.00
Good luck Lena
Anonymous $100.00
Love you!
Elizabeth Barreras $25.00
Its great to see Lena grow up before our eyes. Her smile is full of sunshine!
Jerry Rafter $50.00
I want to support my favorite team member Lena Beana
Saul Family $50.00
Framingham Fox Family $50.00
We love you Lena Beana!
Corn $20.00
Go Team Lena Beana! Love, Corinne
Chmura Family $75.00
Rebecca Scherer $100.00
Love you, Lena Beana and fam!!
Morgan Foster $20.00
Evelyn Toland $50.00
Catherine and Stephen Scherer $50.00
Virginia Siegler $30.00
Brian Scherer $100.00
Erin Tinneny $20.00
Go Lena!!!
MaryAnn Olsavsky $50.00
Continued Blessings ~Love For All The Special Beautiful Children ~Adults..
Elizabeth Barreras Private
Memory john Newman Private
Anna and Jay Sedory $200.00
Love you guys!
Wyner Family Private
Go Lena!! Love you all! Xoxox
Kristy Salman $50.00
Team Lena Beana!
Ray & Regina $50.00
Gina Gucciardo $20.00
Helen aviles $25.00
Go team Lena Beana!
Bill Whittaker $50.00
Lisa Sobey $25.00
Nicole Rodstrom $70.00
Diane McNamara $20.00
Aunt Diane, Uncle Bill, Billy and Jason love you to the moon and back Lena Beana!!
Rich & PJ Orner $20.00
Cindy Olsavsky $15.00
Mark Saxon $20.00
Bethany Saxon $20.00
Abigail Saxon $5.00
Janelle Carter $20.00
Brian Scherer $20.00
Lorraine Cochrane $20.00
Jessica Cochrane $5.00
Jodi Cochrane $5.00
Matthew Gotthold $20.00
Rob Amato $20.00
Morgan Amato $5.00
Ethan Olsavsky $5.00
MaryAnn Olsavsky $15.00
Adam Olsavsky $15.00
Cindy Olsavsky $15.00
Nicole Rodstrom $15.00
Justin Rodstrom $15.00
James Waltich $15.00