Vandalia-Butler Crew

Team Years: 8

Welcome to our 2019 MVDSA Dayton Buddy Walk® team fundraising page!

We’re really excited for this year’s Buddy Walk®! But, we could really use your help and support! We are walking to show support for our favorite buddies and more than 250,000 individuals with Down syndrome in the United States. Every dollar raised brings us one step closer to ensuring that every individual will have the opportunity to reach his or her potential.

By joining and/or donating to our team, you will be helping not only my friends with Down syndrome here in the Miami Valley receive valuable programs and services all year long, but you will also be supporting the advocacy and awareness initiatives of the National Down Syndrome Society.

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal.

Thank you for your support!

The Schneider & Emrick Family  ????

Brady’s Bunch 


P.S. The Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and donations are tax-deductible within IRS guidelines.

Our Funds Raised: $4,138.00
My goal: $10,000.00 41%
Fundraising History
The Emricks $200.00
Carole Mullins Teresa Hoke $50.00
Hatton Family $25.00
Go Brady and Lucy!
The Matlocks $25.00
Go Brady and Lucy 💪🏼🙌🏼
John Camp $25.00
Heather Hench $25.00
Will be thinking of you Brady!
Plsek Family $25.00
The Conover Family $50.00
Kim Storck $10.00
Brian and Kelly Lewis $100.00
Sorry, we will be out of town and unable to make the event. Have a great time for a great cause!
Insulated Roofing $2,000.00
Platinum Sponsor
The Deutsch family $50.00
Go Lucy!
Jeff and Molly Bardonaro $25.00
Go Get Em!!
Marc and Carla Taylor $30.00
Jennifer Evans $10.00
Bruce & Cindy schneider $100.00
Dave & Karen Gardner $600.00
Anything for Lucy!
Jack & Bonnie Buschur $50.00
The Holland Family Private
The Skin Suite $250.00
Sponsorship Level: Bronze Sponsorship
Holland Family $20.00
Happy Birthday Lucy!
The Perdue Family $18.00
Happy Birthday Lucy!
Kristi Holland $5.00
Ryan Holland $5.00
Coby Holland $5.00
Brady Holland $5.00
Haley Holland $5.00
Chris Caldwell $5.00
Cynthia Schneider $5.00
Bruce Schneider $5.00
Bridget Wolking $5.00
Adam Wolking $5.00
John Camp $5.00
Jennie Camp $5.00
Alexandra Camp $5.00
Elijah Camp $5.00
Eric Brockert $5.00
Jami Brockert $5.00
Lucas Brockert $5.00
Erin Wolking $5.00
Dan Wolking $5.00
Zach Wolking $5.00
Luke Caldwell $5.00
Hannah Looney $5.00
Lisa Plsek $5.00
Abby Plsek $5.00
Jenny Brockert $5.00
Cassie Brockert $5.00
Henry Storck $10.00
Easton Evans $10.00
Isaac Storck $10.00
Kale Evans $10.00
Christina Back $10.00
Bryce Hatfield $10.00
Mya Toman $10.00
Madison Budding $10.00
Norah Neely $10.00
Peyton Hayslett $10.00
Hailey Noland $10.00
Madyson Miller $10.00
Ashley Mauk $10.00
Alaina Baker $10.00
Madalyn Strehle $10.00
Jaden Miller $10.00
Ayla Washburn $10.00
Maria Broerman $10.00
Kennedee Elifritz $10.00
Maryn Gross $10.00
Abbey Unger $10.00
Georgia Adkins $10.00
Jennifer Evans $10.00
Kim Storck $10.00
Autumn Budding $10.00
Jess Butler United Coach $10.00
Tony Miller $10.00
Brooke Hatfield $10.00
CJ Hatfield $10.00
John Storck $10.00
Justin Evans $10.00