Team Jordan Grace

Team Years: 1

**Update!! 8.8.2019**

In just 3 days, we have nearly accomplished our team goal because of the generous donations coming in! We are raising our goal to 5K and will be relentlessly working towards achieving it for the association.  Thank you everyone who has donated in supporting Jordan and the association that has blessed our lives and so many others in the community!!**


In May of last year, I found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. I loved the children surrounding me in my life and now I had the chance to be a mommy. Me! Lauren! A mom! I didn’t even feel like it was real.

A year ago last month, I received a call from my doctor at work, that Jordan would have Down syndrome.     I remember seeing the call come through and being excited because I thought the doctor was calling to tell me if we were having a boy or a girl.  

We decided to have genetic testing done at 9 weeks because we thought knowledge is power and if there were any genetic conditions we wanted to be able to prepare for them while I was pregnant. We also enjoyed the thought of finding out what the sex of our baby was many weeks earlier. 

When you get the news that your child will have a genetic condition of any kind, it’s devastating.  I was so sad for our baby that she might endure hardships and challenges and be robbed of what I envisioned a “normal life” would look like for her. I was scared for myself because I knew that she would be involved with many therapies and doctors appointments and I felt weak and wondered how it was all going to work out and how we would endure it all as a family and how she would endure it as well. 

I remember telling my Dad that our baby would have Down syndrome. He was laying on the couch very sick.  We had just learned he had Cancer.   He gave me a big hug and said, my life would be filled with so much joy and we will only know love from this little being. He was so right. I never doubted him either.

Life was so hard my entire pregnancy. The last 7 months of it were filled with exhausting days and nights. I can’t tell you how many times I drove to the hospital to be with my dad and stay the night with him while I was pregnant. Josh was so worried about the stress of it all on me. After working all day, coming home and changing and just leaving straight for the hospital or going on my lunch break. I was a zombie. I was shattered into a million pieces. My entire reality of life was completely gone.

Jordan’s diagnosis reshaped my life.  My Dad’s passing forced me to learn how to live without having my Dad physically here anymore. I was forced to take on life head on. I couldn’t become depressed and I couldn’t shut down. I will NEVER forget two weeks after Dad was buried, I was laying on the couch and I felt Jordan kicking me for the first time. And she never stopped after that. In my belly, she was always moving around. Had hiccups like crazy and just kept me up all night.  

I had unprecedented amounts of doctors visits and referrals to specialists due to all sorts of in utero complications.  Things that the doctor shares with you that can be very serious. Yet each one healed itself before the next appointment. I truly think Dad was in Heaven, with Jesus, running so many fast circles around Jordan’s body healing her.

Jordan’s diagnosis shattered our lives in a positive way.  We needed shattered. We needed to be awakened.  A diagnosis of Down syndrome isn’t anything to fear. Although our lives would be different, it wasn’t the end.   It was the beginning!! We had NO CLUE how strong we were until she came into our lives. SHE is the strong one.

Life is hard.  I mean, knock down, drag them out hard. And when you are handed something that breaks you and remakes you - it’s a blessing. A chance to look at life from a completely different perspective. 

Jordan is our warrior. Our champion. She has provided us the chance to meet so many people in such an amazing community as the Down syndrome community. I love these families I have met so much. They are so special to me. 

I love the Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association.  They provided me so many amazing materials and connections that helped me heal through knowledge and relationships. The staff there is incredible and works tirelessly to create a community that is strong together.

This September on the 29th, is an annual event put on by the association called the Buddy Walk®! It actually takes place all over the world too. We could really use your help and support! We are walking to show support for our favorite buddies and more than 250,000 individuals with Down syndrome in the United States. Every dollar raised brings us one step closer to ensuring that every individual will have the opportunity to reach his or her potential. 

This event brings thousands of people together in Dayton through one thing: an extra chromosome. On this day, thousands of people will join together at fifth third field to walk the stadium in support of their loved one with Down syndrome. My family with be there, with Jordan as Team Jordan Grace walking for my BEAUTIFUL daughters life and the amazing awakening she’s provided us. We are walking for all of the families we love who also have children with Down syndrome. Families we have created bonds with that can’t be broken!

Would you consider donating?  Jordan’s team goal is $3000 in a very limited amount of time. But I’m hungry for this goal! I believe this organization is pivotal in the strengthening of families as they learn about their diagnosis and especially post diagnosis in all of the events they drive to bring families close together.

If you are interested in joining our family in walking the stadium with us on September 29th in support, we welcome you! 

Both the donate option or the sign up option are in the link below.

Thank you for loving Jordan as much as we do! 

Love, Lauren and Josh

Our Funds Raised: $3,355.00
My goal: $5,000.00 67%
Fundraising History
Cathy Coffman Private
Connie Roberson $50.00
Uncle Tracy & Aunt Jennie $100.00
❤️ You have a loving team behind you always Jordan! ❤️ Lots of Love, The Beatty's
Todd Family $25.00
Jenn Martin $50.00
Wish I was there to walk with you!
Brenda Schultz $50.00
Jackie Pisut $50.00
Aunt Chris $50.00
Gramps Coffman $1,000.00
Sylwestrak Family $50.00
Karen Cossman $50.00
Anonymous $1,000.00
David Ryan $50.00
Margaret $25.00
Kimberly Lush $100.00
Grace Joy $100.00
Thank you for your support and I hope we can continue to stay in touch as our daughters grow up. Jordan Grace and Grace Joy....what wonderful blessings to us all!!!
The Swanks $100.00
Fox Family $50.00
Meredith Hutchinson $50.00
Nicole Thatcher $100.00
Lauren, Josh and beautiful Jordan! Your family is an inspiration to me. I can’t physically do the walk with y’all but I’m happy to donate and try to help reach your goal! I love you guys so much!
Anonymous $10.00
Michelle Rivers $10.00
Cindy Schmitt $25.00
Jordan Grace’s smile makes a difference ... seeing her face makes my day! Through donations we can all make a difference giving opportunities for Jordan and the future of so many others!!
Kim Prater $25.00
Bicknell Family $25.00
Jordan Fans $50.00
Tony Todd $5.00
Aislyn Fox $10.00
Bentley Green $10.00
Dylan Fox $10.00
Kellee Green $10.00
Ryan Bush $10.00
Amber Fox $10.00
Taylor Hilderhoff $10.00
Lisa Todd $10.00
Josh Fox $10.00
Jennie Beatty $10.00
Chris Green $10.00
Jackie Pisut $10.00
Cathy Coffman $10.00