Emmaline Curley's Crew

Team Years: 13

Dear Family & Friends,

The 2019 Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome is on just around the corner. It's hard to believe that we are celebrating our 13th year supporting Emmaline and our niece, Kayla.

Emmaline is now 12 years old and going into the sixth grade. She likes playing with her friends, swinging in the backyard, riding her bike, going to church/AWANA, being part of her AHG troop, swimming, playing basketball & tennis, and spending time with our family doing lots of different activities. She is working on reading, writing, and math skills in homeschool and continues to amaze us with the things she accomplishes.

Did you know that part of the money we raise each year goes toward an Opportunity Award for Emmy? We have used this money to pay for speech therapy, private swim lessons at our local rec center, an iPad, reading programs, and other great things just for her. We usually use money from a county program to cover most of her speech therapy sessions each year.  This year the county cut her funding by $400, so her opportunity award is going to make up for those lost funds and a bit more. 

We’re really excited for this year’s Buddy Walk®! But we could really use your help and support! We are walking to show support for our favorite buddies and more than 250,000 individuals with Down syndrome in the United States. Every dollar raised brings us one step closer to ensuring that every individual will have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

By joining and/or donating to our team, you will be helping not only our friends with Down syndrome here in the Miami Valley receive valuable programs and services all year long, but you will also be supporting the advocacy and awareness initiatives of the National Down Syndrome Society.

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal.

Thank you for your support!

Nathan, Jen, Jacob, Ellie, Emmy & Oliver

P.S. The Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and donations are tax-deductible within IRS guidelines.

Our Funds Raised: $2,030.00
My goal: $3,000.00 67%
Fundraising History
Fontana PD PMA $300.00
Clara hagedorn $10.00
Papaw & Mimi $100.00
Deborah Borchelt Private
Gary, Angel, Marleigh and Kayla Aulis $100.00
WE LOVE OUR GIRLS!! Keep shattering those expectations and perceived limitations. You amaze us with your huge hearts and love of life! You make us better!
Ron and Casey Holt $100.00
Love you Ang! 💗
Tawnya Rhoades-Hensley $10.00
Thank you Angela! 💖love your heart
Jamie Simmons $50.00
Go Team Curly Crew!!!!!! Best of luck reaching your goal 💖
The Barton Family Private
Don Adams $20.00
Coleman Family Private
Roddens $25.00
Nano, T and Addie Private
Go Emmy Go!!! We love you!
Nano, Aunt T and Addie Private
We love you, Emmy Kate!!!
Mary metzger $50.00
Go for it!
Papaw & Grandma Curley $350.00
We love Emmy!
Chloe and Coen $10.00
We love you Emmi!
Arleen Garrett $25.00
Amanda Otten $25.00
Go, Emmy, Go!!!!🤗
Kaye Brown $25.00
Jack and Tisha Private
Arch Grieve Jr $20.00
Misty $10.00
Brooke Baker $25.00
I’ve always wanted to donate, this year I was blessed with a little raise, so I made a decision that I would make donations to charities that are close to my heart! You know how much Down syndrome has touch our family, so I am happy to donate!❤️
Josiah Fideler $15.00
Researched it a little and it's definitely a good cause.👍
Anonymous Private
Looked into it and it's a good cause!
Alyssa & Colleen Werner $30.00
We love you Emmy!
Sherry Hylton $50.00
You are amazing Emmy! God bless you! <3
bob weatherly $100.00
Maribeth Crowe $20.00
Emmy, you are one of my heroes. You do so many things in your community and are inspiring to me!
Designs by M&S $50.00
We love you Emmy!
Addie Kanna $10.00
Trinity Goss $10.00
Alyssa Werner $10.00
Brandon Hagedorn $10.00
Ginger Curley $10.00
Katie Kannna $10.00
Stephanie Curley $10.00
David Curley $10.00
Colleen Werner $10.00
Kevin Curley $10.00
Sai Kanna $10.00