Gene's Jedi Army

Team Years: 3

Hi everyone!

This is Gene, he was born on 10/11/16 and he has just a little extra. Since that time Gene has fought for his life in the NICU, come home unable to eat by mouth or to go anywhere without his oxygen tank. 


The amazing part of this is that Gene is just as stubborn as his mom. He refused to give up. Within the last year Gene has been weaned off of oxygen, he is eating completely by mouth, we were able to remove his G Tube! He also went from unable to sit up unassisted to walking! All within the past year. Gene has amazed us with how quickly he has accomplished so very much.


But down syndrome does come with it's challenges. He does not fit on a typical growth or development chart. He is still not able to speak, and his muscles have low tone.


Now, don't misunderstand, tone is not strength. Gene has the strength of a Wookie, and the stature and magical ability to move things that are either up iincredibly high, or impossibly heavy, of Yoda.


The MVDSA has been there since the day he was born. They sent him a balloon at the NICU and have comforted myself while he was unwell, encouraged us when we felt defeated, asssisted us when we didn't even know where to begin. The MVDSA is wonderful for Gene in particular, but also the rest of his family. 


So now we are raising money for them. Please if all you can do is share, it would be greatly appreciated. If you can donate a dollar and share that's even better. We have set a goal of $500 usd but if it goes past that we will be overjoyed. 


Thank you for reading this, and thank you for sharing!


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