Mar's Stars

Team Years: 5

Welcome to our 2019 Columbus Buddy Walk® team fundraising page! We can't wait to join thousands of other participants at The Fortress on Sunday, September 29th, 2019 to celebrate all of our fundraising success! Please stay tuned for more information about our team regarding upcoming fundraising opportunities and our team's tailgating plans for the day of the walk. 

With over 250,000 people in the United States with Down syndrome, we strive to provide tools and opportunities that promote awarenessacceptance, and inclusion in our communities. Every dollar we raise brings us one step closer to ensuring that our child and every individual will have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Our fundraising efforts will support local programs and services, as well as National Down Syndrome Society advocacy and public awareness initiatives that benefit all individuals with Down syndrome.

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

Our Funds Raised: $10,461.00
My goal: $5,000.00 209%
Fundraising History
Ashlea DeChant Private
Andrew Solomon $50.00
Lemke Family $25.00
David & Elizabeth Stewart Family $250.00
Donation Match on behalf of Ella's Hope $228.00
Taddeo-Hoover Family $20.00
Chris Saneholtz $50.00
The Sumption Family $50.00
Daniel and Natalie Merkle Family Private
Mary and AJ Myers $100.00
You inspire other families, and we know the funds you raise will benefit many lives.
Katie and Peter $100.00
The Antolini Family Private
We love you, Mar!
Ned And Josie Merkle $500.00
Joseph Miesse $50.00
Much Love!
Sumption Family $50.00
Kara, Abby & Zoey Blitz Private
We love you sweet Marley! $500.00
Stephen & Ian $500.00
Love this event and the visibility it demands ❤️❤️❤️
Diana Blanchard $50.00
Love this family & all they & the Buddy Walk do for such an amazing cause. Marley is such a precious angel. I live in SC so can't make it up to walk, or I would. Go Mars Stars!
Julie Cohen $50.00
Way to go!!!💜💜💜
Donna and Ron $36.00
Jen Jonke $25.00
Village Legacy LTD Friend Sponsorship $500.00
David and Jaime Goldach $120.00
Rebecca Gentile $100.00
Jennifer Lemke $200.00
Molly Pesich $200.00
Katie Weakland $75.00
Young Living - Shop to Support Mars Stars ... so happy to support this team!
Anonymous $5.00
Honey Rose & K Jewelry $50.00
Mar's Stars Necklaces to benefit Marley!
Chuck Manofsky $100.00
Cate Taylor $181.00
South High Sign Co. & Books With Purpose $200.00
So happy to support this ray of sunshine!
Honey Rose & K Jewelry $450.00
We love you Mar’s Stars! Love, Team Honey Rose & K
Carson McGarrity $20.00
Susan &. David Yeager $1,000.00
Anonymous $1,800.00
Nolan Family Private
Joanne Bryant and family $25.00
Noah and Sadie Dingle $50.00
Thanks to and Jenny Grossman Dingle for their sponsorship of this terrific fundraising effort.
Susan Yeager $50.00
Collin Family $100.00
Denise Pesich $100.00
I love our Marley and her family that cheers her on every. single. day. Big love. ♥️
The Poulton Family $25.00
So proud to support this wonderful family!
Mark, Lindsey, Zach, Drew, Nate, Ryan Allen Private
We love you Pesich Family!
Danny Glimcher $100.00
Debra, Mike, Charlie and Sam Parkes Private
Go Marley!
Beth Klopfer $25.00
Janice Roth Private
So proud of all your accomplishments Marley!!
Perkins $100.00
The Collelis $50.00
Pam Edwards $50.00
Wendy Smarkel $25.00
Marley, you brighten my day!
Deda $500.00
Brown Bag 3-21 fundraiser $305.00
Molly Pesich $21.00
Ben Pesich $21.00
Sam Pesich $21.00
Brady Pesich $21.00
Cate Taylor $21.00
Aly Taylor $21.00
Ben Taylor $21.00
Mike Taylor $21.00
Nancy Haninger $21.00
Michael Haninger $21.00
Kara Blitz $21.00
Abby Blitz $21.00
Zoey Blitz $21.00
Aimee Jordan $21.00
Quincy Hultin $21.00
Kelly Sumption $21.00
Josie Merkle $21.00
Ned Merkle $21.00
Helisa Pesich $21.00
Cody Smith $21.00
Maya Smith $21.00
Max Chamberlain $21.00
Peter Merkle $21.00
Katie Arnold $21.00
Katie Metzinger $21.00
Daniel Merkle $21.00
Natalie Merkle $21.00
Abigail Merkle $21.00
Anderson Merkle $21.00
Caroline Merkle $21.00
Maggie Reiner $21.00
Ashley Reiner $21.00
Jeff Sumption $21.00
Braden Sumption $21.00
Connor Sumption $21.00
Chris Saneholtz $21.00
Tatum Saneholtz $21.00
Ryan Saneholtz $21.00
Missy Goetz $21.00
Sadie Goetz $21.00
Jennifer Lemke $21.00
Nathan Lemke $21.00
Maggie Lemke $21.00
Benjamin Lemke $21.00
Ashlea DeChant $21.00
Erich DeChant $21.00