Lucky Buddies Ava & Fiona

Team Years: 2

Welcome to our 2019 Columbus Buddy Walk® team fundraising page! We can't wait to join thousands of other participants at The Fortress on Sunday, September 29th, 2019 to celebrate all of our fundraising success! Please stay tuned for more information about our team regarding upcoming fundraising opportunities and our team's tailgating plans for the day of the walk. 

Ava Bachman and Fiona Rex have joined forces to create a Buddy Walk team that we hope you will either join or donate to.  Both the Bachman and Rex families have benefited from so many of the great resources and programs that are sponsored by the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio (DSACO).  From day 1 both families received visits from staff of DSACO at the hospital who provided resources and a great baby care package and as the year(s) have progressed we have continued to be involved and supported by the great staff.  Some of the great things we have been able to participate in are the monthly MOM and DAD meetings, play groups with other small children with Down Syndrome and Little Buddy Resource meetings that provide informational resources and oirganizations that focus on children between 0-3 with Down Syndrome.  It is our goal to continue to participate in these great programs but we also want to make sure they continue for others that will join this great DSACO family in the future.  

We hope you will join us and be part of our 2019 Columbus Buddy Walk team or make a donation to help support this great cause!

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

Our Funds Raised: $7,722.00
My goal: $10,000.00 77%
Fundraising History
Glick Family $25.00
Wes & Megan Hesterman $50.00
Sandy Kurtz $100.00
Megan & Scott Bostelman $50.00
Amanda Thomas $100.00
Mark&Beth Saul $250.00
Kari Robbins $20.00
Amanda Meyer Private
Spring Circus $100.00
Mark and Jolene Sigg $100.00
Barb Hoffman $79.00
Vicky and Bruce Delventhal $158.00
Greg & Jennifer Saul $100.00
Aunt Gretchen & Uncle Greg $100.00
Becca Mastin $100.00
Enterprise Rent-A-Car $500.00
Sponsorship Level: Friend Sponsor
Hendrix Girls $10.00
SC Burgei Family $100.00
Wish we could be there to walk with you!
paul schwaiger $50.00
Amy Colborn $50.00
Dave and Ali Williams $50.00
Eric & Jennifer Pittore $100.00
Anonymous Private
Nick Damman $50.00
Gary Lee $50.00
Karen Davidson $25.00
Everett and Becky Gallagher $100.00
Kenzie & Derek Vocke $25.00
Wish we could be there & good luck with all of your efforts!
Abby Dunasky $10.00
Randy, Tandy & Spencer $50.00
Browder Family Private
Diane Damman $50.00
Ben & Dawn Baker $100.00
Jo Schwaiger $25.00
Dave and Paula Cook $50.00
Kae and Ken Gerken $25.00
Chris & Jenna Moden $50.00
Team Captain Happy Hour Incentive $250.00
Scott & Lori Gerken & Family Private
KC and Larry Ward $25.00
The Kruses $50.00
VanAusdale family $50.00
Lynn and Steve Finzer $100.00
The Gallick Family - James, Dana, Emma, and Aubrey Private
Fiona - Thank you for being such a great friend!
Lemmon Family $50.00
Merisa Bowers & Curtis Hill & Everett Hill Private
Grumpy $50.00
Mary Jane Roberts $50.00
Toni $100.00
Linda Walters $25.00
With my heartfelt sadness that sweet little Ava may never attain the achievements of her big sister, Michaela. What she may lack in abilities though, I know that she is dearly loved & special in her own way.
Chad Warnimont $25.00
Mildred Sigg $100.00
rog and deb rex $100.00
Lemonade Stand $50.00
Napoleon Monuments $50.00
Divine Inspirations $50.00
Grammie and Papa Bockelman $100.00
Sheila Perry $10.00
Ron and Pam Bachman $100.00
Alma Jean Schroeder $20.00
Uncle Rob and Aunt Tracy $100.00
Karen Bachman $100.00
Lindsey & Lu Ann Gifford $25.00
Great Uncle Ken and Great Aunt Janet $100.00
Abby, Andy, & Rohan Knepley $50.00
Rob & Denise McColley $50.00
Jeff & Lorie Schroeder $50.00
Jane Weiland $200.00
Eickhoff family $50.00
Love these two little girls! There lives will be amazing with two loving families backing them all the way!
Jon&Jaclyn Saul $200.00
Amy and Grant Bokerman $200.00
Joe, Molly, Tess, Paige, Sloane Knepley $50.00
Lindsey Gauggel $21.00
Will Rex $21.00
Ford Diem $21.00
Eleanor Rex $21.00
Veronica Kranyak $21.00
Harper Diem $21.00
Michaela Bachman $21.00
Charlie Rex $21.00
Andrew Kurtz $21.00
Addison Browder $21.00
Miles Rex $21.00
Vivi Davidson $21.00
Sebastian Kranyak $21.00
Linley Diem $21.00
Maddie Davidson $21.00
Taylor Hendrix $21.00
Katie Rex $21.00
Kelli Rex $21.00
Jolene Sigg $21.00
Kelly Krull $21.00
Betty Finzer $21.00
D.J. Mosby $21.00
Kristin Steele $21.00
April Browder $21.00
Abigail Dunasky $21.00
Jamie Meyers $21.00
Mackenzie Spring $21.00
Mike Rex $21.00
Jane Weiland $21.00
Janet Meyer $21.00
Karole Sigg $21.00
Karen Bachman $21.00
deb rex $21.00
Amanda Meyer $21.00
Megan Hesterman $21.00
Bruce Delventhal $21.00
Katherine Diem $21.00
Dani Spring $21.00
Cali Spring $21.00
Levi Spring $21.00
Elisabeth Silvaggio $21.00
Beth Kohland $21.00
Melissa Nicol $21.00
Diane Damman $21.00
Kirsten Kranyak $21.00
Christy Blessing $21.00
Vicky Delventhal $21.00
Gabi Bachman $21.00
Don Weiland $21.00
Ken Meyer $21.00
Scott Rex $21.00
Andrew Gauggel $21.00
Micah Sigg $21.00
Jennifer Wagner $21.00
Andrew Nicol $21.00
Cori Hendrix $21.00
Barb Hoffman $21.00
Amanda Thomas $21.00
Kailey Cordova $21.00
Daniel Sigg $21.00
Tracy Bachman $21.00
roger rex $21.00
Josh Swihart $21.00
Tootie Bockelman $21.00
Fred Bockelman $21.00
Graig Bachman $21.00
Mark Sigg $21.00
Robin Hannigan $21.00
Aaron Hannigan $21.00
Drew wagner $21.00
Courtney Kurtz $21.00
Lincoln Kurtz $21.00
Ryan Browder $21.00
John Kranyak $21.00
Tim Spring $21.00
Micah Spring $21.00
Wes Hesterman $21.00
Randy Bachman $21.00
Rob Bachman $21.00
Karen David’s $21.00