System of a Downs

Team Years: 2

Can you believe Watson will be turning two this year? Come help us celebrate by joining his Buddy Walk team. Everyone is invited to come out for the walk, simply register and be there.

What better way to celebrate than to join Watson's team - System of a Downs! The funds we raise today, and leading up to the walk, will be a benefit to Watson and others affected by this syndrome for years to come.

Something simple as riding a bike - there is a camp for that.

Learning to dance - there is a scholarship for that.

We hope you will join our team, post to social media and other outlets to fundraise, and join us on the day of the walk. The event is amazing and so inspiring, so please plan to join us!

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

Our Funds Raised: $714.00
My goal: $5,500.00 12%
Fundraising History
Harry & Seoul $50.00
Looking forward to this event again! Can't wait to celebrate Watson's 2nd bday!
Elizabeth Haas $19.00
Erin Kirby $25.00
Kathleen Marron $53.00
Baumann-Erb Family $50.00
Best of luck with the walk Watson!
Terese Herhold $10.00
Paul & Judy $25.00
Andrew Marron $50.00
Beast Mode ;) $50.00
Get it!
Kathleen Marron $25.00
Kathleen Marron $21.00
Andrew Marron $21.00
Terese Herhold $21.00
Cody Reynolds $21.00
Connie Spear $21.00
Marcus Spear $21.00
Avalyn Spear $21.00
Jessica Wells $21.00
Jay Wells $21.00
Amanda Planisek $21.00
John Elden $21.00
Jessica Davis $21.00
Elizabeth Haas $21.00
Anne Warren $21.00
Shawn Warren $21.00
Renee Fairchild-Jackson $21.00
Cotton Jackson $21.00