Team Captain Materials


To download any of the below fundraising forms, please click on the link. All files are in a PDF format.

Tax Exempt Certificate

DSACO's IRS Status Letter

In-Kind Donation Commitment Form

DSACO 2020 W-9 Form

Fundraising Event Proposal Form

Permission to Fundraise Form

DSACO Information Flyer (Printable PDF)


As Facebook Fundraisers/Donation have taken off in the past year, we have some restrictions around what can and cannot be contributed to Buddy Walk teams. 

Facebook Fundraisers - Any of your friends/family are encouraged to host a Facebok Fundraiser on behalf of your family and team! We just want to be sure when they name the fundraiser, they use your Buddy Walk Team Name in the title. When we receive the deposit and report of donations, the only way to connect a fundraiser with a team is with that Team Name. We get funds deposited on the 15th and 30th of each month - so you may see more than one entry on your Buddy Walk website if a fundraiser extends past the 15th or 30th of a month. Funds also take about 30-45 days to be deposited.

Facebook Donation Button - DSACO cannot and will not move general donations made through the Donation Button on DSACO's Facebook page to the Buddy Walk website. Only donations made through a Facebook Fundraiser (with a Buddy Walk Team Name) will be contributed to a Buddy Walk Team. 

If you have any questions regarding the Facebook Donations/Fundraisers - feel free to reach out to Evanthia Brillhart at Thank you!