Amazing Grace

Team Years: 1

Welcome to our 2018 Together is Better Walkathon team fundraising page!  We are walking to show our support for Club 21 and individuals with Down syndrome.  Since moving to California, we have become very involved in Club 21, and it has greatly changed our lives!  We cannot even begin to describe the love and support we have received not only from the people who work and volunteer at this fine organization, but also all of the wonderful families we have befriended because of Club 21.  With all of the incredible programs and resources offered to our family, we see a very bright and beautiful future for our little Amazing Grace!!

Every dollar we raise brings us one step closer to ensuring that Club 21 will continue to support, educate, advocate and celebrate the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Please help us reach our ambitious goal of $5000 by October 20th. 

Our fundraising efforts will support Club 21 and their mission to provide educational tools and resources that enable individuals with Down syndrome to be fully included. 

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

Our Funds Raised: $6,000.00
My goal: $5,000.00 120%
Fundraising History
Anonymous Private
We love you, Gracie!!
Jake & Shenan Sheffer $50.00
Yay Amazing Grace!
Linda Weitzel $100.00
Go team Gracie??????
Robyn Fields $30.00
Ann Marie Fisher Private
Noelle Haugh Private
Dan from 1W $50.00
Thinking of you guys, Sean. What a great cause!
Emmet Leahy $25.00
Teresa Norris $50.00
It was so good to see you this summer! I hope tomorrow is great!!
Joseph Mazzola $25.00
The Sudhaus Family $50.00
The Hoffmanns Private
Xoxo Marisa and Mark
Maleah Jackson $25.00
Go Amazing Grace!! Love you! ??????Maleah
Matthew & Jeasica Stroia $50.00
Bonnie Schuerger $25.00
What a beautiful cause!!!
Brooke Darrow $25.00
Anonymous Private
Club 21 is awesome! Go Team Amazing Grace!
Meagan Gies $25.00
Eric and Leah Ristow $25.00
Mike and kelsy $25.00
Go team grace
Tom & Pooccie Dangel $50.00
Anonymous $140.00
Group Donation for Grace & Club 21 From Jeanie, Marie, Christine & Donna
Susan Roman $50.00
Luke Atkinson $20.00
Natasha Dennis $25.00
Mary and Peter Leahy $30.00
Melissa & Greg Zito $50.00
Zoe Dennis $25.00
<3 to you all!
Brian & Emily $40.00
Go Grace!!
Stuart and Joan Horwitz $200.00
The McWhirters $100.00
Eric Schumacher $50.00
Ryan Ristow $50.00
Paul & Wendy Catalano Private
Priscilla Beck and Laura Kutsko $50.00
Sending love across the miles
Thomarios $60.00
Go Cats Go!
Beth Marcinkoski $100.00
Diane & Ed Blazonczyk $25.00
Larry and Marty $25.00
Ron and Connie Guyer $25.00
Enjoy your walk!
The Brown Family $50.00
We will forever love and support your family and Amazing Grace!??
Schumacher Family Private
Rich and Jackie Skalba $50.00
Shields Squad $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Jeffrey J Maruna $100.00
Brad and Debbie Staats Private
John Hardesty $50.00
Frank Papa $100.00
The Corys Private
Love you and miss you <3
The Kutsko Family $25.00
Joseph Trizio $50.00
Barbara and Dennis $50.00
Sharon Urbancic $50.00
Rooney & Lucy Ferrainolo Private
Michael Milberger $50.00
Joe and Patrice Lorence $50.00
Have fun on your walk.
Teri Shenk $50.00
Go Marlene & Team Amazing Grace!
Cousin Sandi $35.00
Cousin Ken $20.00
Sue Fulmer $25.00
Barbara Guappone Private
The Mellinger Family $25.00
Macanga Family $25.00
Tye, Eileen and the Brownies Private
Love and miss you.
Anonymous Private
Love you guys
Pam Lanzer $20.00
Mikey & Brayden Beck $100.00
We love you cuz!
Demiray Family $25.00
Uncle Pete and Aunt Reen $100.00
Much Love Team Amazing Grace
Ruegg Family $25.00
Jason and Ashley Chitwood $50.00
Sam, Alex, and Lucy $121.50
David, KJ & Izzy $250.00
Jackie Rogers Jr $3.50
Anonymous Private
The Lunas $50.00
Sid Maruna $100.00
Beck Family - Akron $500.00
We love you Grace
Larry O'Brien Private
Devin & Sarah $100.00
J. Crowley Private
The Sharp Family $100.00
Anonymous Private
Don & Gerri Askea $100.00
The Clark Family $100.00
Kat O'Brien Private
Paul & Ulku $100.00
Jon Oldham and Megan Frantz Oldham $100.00
Bonnie Damis $25.00
Keep smiling!
Karen and Randy Ristow $50.00
In honor of beautiful, amazing Grace!
Jenny Schumacher $20.00
Much love, big hugs!
Christina Shaver $100.00
Fantastic! Go Team Amazing Grace!
The Guyers Private
patricia maruna Private
Marlene Maruna $100.00
Evelyn Beck $10.00
Melissa Beck $15.00
Marlene Maruna $15.00
Sean Beck $15.00