Winnie Win

Team Years: 2

Friends!!!  Winnie is on the move and we would love for you to all join us to walk with Winnie and support the AMAZING Club 21!!!  We are walking to show our support for Club 21 and individuals with Down syndrome.  Every dollar we raise brings us one step closer to ensuring that Club 21 will continue to support, educate, advocate and celebrate the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families. 

From the moment we began this journey, Club 21 has been by our side. Within days of learning that Winnie had Down Syndrome, we found ourselves in a First Steps meeting at Club 21 -  surrounded by love and grace.  We met parents who told us everything is going to be okay and babies who melted our hearts with their smiles. We would not be where we are today without Club 21.     

Please help us support this amazing organization!  Make your donation, tell your friends and join our team!!  Go Team Winnie Win!! 

Lots of Love, 

Holly, Paul, Brady, Mack & Winnie!  

Our Funds Raised: $8,070.00
My goal: $7,500.00 107%
Fundraising History
Mrs. Randolph Heartfield $50.00
Anonymous $25.00
Our sister, Sue Shaw, niece, Staci & great niece, Kayla & nephew, Braedon, walked for Winnie on Saturday. Congratulations!
Thomas and Robin Maloof $100.00
Suzanne Shaw Private
The Geppert Family $50.00
We love you Winnie. ??
Ragus Family $20.00
Esner Chang & Boyer $500.00
Fairy Godmother Jen $100.00
Love you Winnie!
Ann Fowler Richardson $100.00
Jen Wegner $50.00
Every picture you post of your beautiful girl makes me smile. I adore her from afar ??
Jennifer Ostertag Private
Vivian Schumer $25.00
Go team Winnie ??
K. Leslie Hammond $200.00
Jonolyn $50.00
Go Team Winnie!! Sending lots of love to you and your wonderful family!!
The Clorox Company Renee Gregg $200.00
Katie, Ron, MK, Charley & Scotty Seley $100.00
Go Winnie Go!!
Lacey McLaughlin $50.00
Love you guys and little Winter! ??
Eva Reid $30.00
Mary Richardson $25.00
I wish I would be there to walk with all of you for this special little girl
Tae Kim $50.00
Christie Peterson $20.00
Molly & Bobby Family $50.00
GO Winnie!!! We love you.
Glenn & Sheri Wedeen Private
Debbie Snellings Private
Go team Winnie! ???????
Katie & Kevin Litwin $50.00
Go Winnie Go! ??
Ruby Barzaga McCanne $25.00
I saw Danielle’s post, and Winnie’s smile made me smile! Hooray for sunshine, space travel, icing, Netflix, walking or running ;) club21 sounds amazing! Would love to support ! ??????????
Dan Kreinbring $50.00
Jennifer Rockenback $25.00
Nick and Tiana $100.00
Winnie Ruggeri $100.00
Go Winnie!!!!! Sending all our love and support to you. Love Barbara and Casey
Greg & Julie Rolf $100.00
Go get-em Winnie! With much love, Greg and Julie ??
Robison Family Private
Go Winnie!
Mike & Donna Upstill $50.00
Marguerite Pittroff Private
Joannah & Dave Smith $100.00
I will walk by faith, even when I cannot see (2Corinthians 5:7) Go Team Winnie Win!
Leblanc BofA Match $60.00
Natalie Weatherford $100.00
John Henry LeBlanc $60.00
We run not walk, right Winnie? Love you, Tara, Tim, Lela and JH
Ann Ward $50.00
Steve and Colleen Boyer $2,700.00
John Taylor Private
CCM $100.00
With love to my beautiful friend and her amazing baby
Hasbun family $50.00
Shannon Upstill $50.00
Love you guys!
The Little Catholic, LLC $15.00
Chandar Abboy $50.00
Best wishes to Win’s team.
Jolly! $100.00
Go Winnie!!!!! We love you!
Elaine Gallagher $50.00
Staci Minnick $25.00
Denise & Tim Vliet $50.00
Go Winnie! Wish we could be there to walk the walk!
Jennifer Nassiri $100.00
Kristin & Greg $50.00
Ann Brady $25.00
Go Winnie
Danielle Boyer $100.00
The Behrenses $50.00
Love you guys!
Guerrieri Family $50.00
Go Winnie! Lots of love, Nicola, Todd, Evan and Ryan xoxo
Adam, Joanne & crew $50.00
Love you Winnie!!
Karen Lencioni $50.00
Wish we could join the Winnie Win team, but we will be there in spirit! Go Winnie Win!
Julie and Kyle Beswick $50.00
Jennifer Tokaji $50.00
Jim Tripodes $100.00
Have a great walk Winnie!
Paul Ruggeri $250.00
Mack Ruggeri $10.00
Jennifer Tokaji $15.00
Mikayla Minnick $15.00
Brady Ruggeri $10.00
Braden Minnick $15.00
London Donah $15.00
Holly Ruggeri $15.00
Danielle Boyer $15.00
Chase Donah $15.00
Paul Ruggeri $15.00
David Donah $15.00
Jennifer Nassiri $15.00