Team Years: 7

Welcome to our 2018 Together is Better Walkathon team fundraising page!  We are walking to show our support for Club 21 and individuals with Down syndrome.

Club 21 has been like part of our family since we first visited while Kate was expecting Luca.  Since that time, they have guided us through some major milestones like the transition from preschool to kindergarten.  Last year, Club 21 gave us the confidence to enroll Luca in a general education kindergarten classroom.  During that year he made great strides educationally and gained valuable friendships with his peers.  Luca has recently started 1st grade and is once again in a general education classroom.  He is thrilled to be back with his friends and ready to learn!  We are amazed with the growth and maturity that he is displaying.  Club 21 has supported us in modifying his curriculum to fit his learning profile.  We believe that with the support of Club 21, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT for our boy!!

Our fundraising efforts will support Club 21 and their mission to provide educational tools and resources that enable individuals with Down syndrome to be fully included. Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

Kate & Ryan

Our Funds Raised: $14,895.00
My goal: $10,000.00 148%
Fundraising History
Uncle Bill & Aunt Gail $100.00
Sending you our love & support for Team Candelora!
Anonymous $5.00
Paul and Nadine Melancon $1,000.00
Marissa L Davies $50.00
Pace Family $100.00
Nelson Reichman $500.00
Ashley Webb $50.00
I Love you Luca :) You are so special to me. Love, Ms. Webb
Yankovich Family $50.00
Love you guys! Go Team Candelora!
Bob & Judy Abeles $100.00
Go Team Candelora!
Emma Carafotes $50.00
Go Team Candelora!! Go Luca!!
Jo Daly $25.00
Bessi Dolan $200.00
LaLa and Pop Private
Reichman $250.00
Love to Luca from Aunt T, Uncle K, Little K
Laurie Smith $100.00
Diane & Matt Corlett $500.00
We love you Luca, Diane, Matt, Alex, Maddy & Bobby
Brittany Russo-Sabelli $75.00
Labrecque $100.00
Let's do this!
Brian foster construction $200.00
Friedman Family $100.00
The Bell Family $100.00
Hi Luca...Team Candelora ROCKS! :)
The Traver Family Private
Go Luca! We are so proud of you!!!
Sally and Bob Corlett $1,000.00
The Larson Family Private
Go Luca! We love you.
Kristin Thorell $100.00
Ronnie Smith $100.00
Go Team Candelora! We are so happy to be a part of this event.
Eckardt Family Private
Go Luca and Team Candelora!
CJ and Reece Corlett Private
We love you Luca!
Anonymous $100.00
Dear Kate and Ryan, We look forward to this amazing event now every year and are so sorry we cannot make it due to Jaz’s travel SB schedule. If Ryan had drafted her for LC we would not be in this position!!! Just kidding - we love you guys! XOs
Prescott Corlett’s $250.00
Teni $50.00
So proud of my friend Luca and all his buddies
Bridge Family $200.00
Go Luca!!!!
Luczyski Real Estate $350.00
Klein Family $100.00
We love you LUCA!
Erin Stone & Family $40.00
Ramsgate Floral Design $500.00
Go Team Candelora!
Michelle McGoldrick $50.00
Go Luca! Go Team Candelora!
Elaine McCarthy $50.00
As a friend of Sallie, she beamed when she talked about Ryan. What a beautiful child!
Mason Family $150.00
Wishing you a successful walk and day!
Melissa Udell $100.00
The Wurm Family $250.00
We love you!
The Dixon Family $50.00
Go Team Luca! ??
Savarese Law Firm $250.00
We love you Luca!
Anonymous $250.00
Jay, Susie, Amber & Allison Zadravecz $50.00
Go Team Candelora! We are so happy to support you!??
Ethel Delaney $400.00
For Luca and all at Club 21
Pitt Realty Group, Inc $50.00
Go Team Candelora! You da man Luca!
The Grant Family $350.00
We are thrilled to see Luca and be apart of this day!
Wyatt, Hunter & Walker Corlett $100.00
Go Team Candelora! We are looking forward to spending the day with you all!
Anonymous $500.00
Susie Schnieders $50.00
I am so sorry I can't join the walk. I'll be at my 50th College reunion, but will be thinking of all of you!
Foley Family Private
Go Luca!!!
Teresa Fitzgerald $50.00
We love Team Candelora! ????
Fehrenbacher Family $50.00
Go Team Candelora!! We love you Luca ??
Frank Liu $500.00
Go Luka! Go Team Candelora!
Holly Smith Jones $500.00
Jakub Pietrowski Private
Luca, life's a garden. Dig it!
John Kendall $50.00
Luca is real life superhero!
Joan and Ralph Savarese $250.00
The Cook Family $250.00
We Love Luca!
Anonymous Private
Kathy & Chuck Murchie Private
Would love to walk with you guys, see all the family so keeps informed on when and where.
OK Dixon $500.00
We Love You ??
The Kukkonens Private
Kate Candelora $1,000.00