Team Years: 3

Hello Friends!

We cannot believe it. Rumi is 2 1/2 years old! What?? Already? Yup. Its true. That means that this is the third year that we are participating in the Club 21 Together is Better Walk. We are excited and we've got a big goal, baby!  $10,000 !! Yes! 

The wonderful folks at Club 21 have been a constant support to us since we received her prenatal diagnosis. They walked with us every step of the way and they continue to show us what's possible for our little girl. 

Every dollar we raise brings us one step closer to ensuring that Club 21 will continue to support, educate, advocate and celebrate the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Sounds pretty great, right? It is!!

Please consider joining our team as we give back to this tremendous organization. Help us reach our super-mega goal of $10,000!

Let's do this!

Make your donation, tell your friends and join our team!

Thank you! Thank you!

Karyn, Michael, Dashiell and Rumi RooChaCha

Our Funds Raised: $10,590.00
My goal: $10,000.00 105%
Fundraising History
Anonymous $25.00
Whitney, Boots, & Milo $30.00
Shannon and Branden $25.00
andrea fellers $15.00
We love Rumi!
Odile Penet $25.00
Go Team and Aunt Jenny!
Connie King $75.00
Wendy Ward $30.00
nancy lilienfeld $50.00
Go Team RooChaCha!!!
Baako Jones $50.00
Woof! Hoowl!
Allison Kiessling $50.00
Lori Acor-Kraft $50.00
G Gallo-Bayiates $25.00
Thanks for inviting us to join your cause!
Dea Jaber $25.00
Harry Bauer $20.00
Susan Martinelli $20.00
Jen Chumney Private
Shelby Zickefoose Private
Laurel Stollar Sprague $25.00
J Lowe $20.00
Angie Hage $30.00
Go team go!
Laura Shady $50.00
The Ashfields + Grammie Doris $50.00
Love you guys so much <3 Can't wait to walk with you :)
Jeff and Hubbell Radue $25.00
DiNanno's $50.00
Love this Family go get it Rumi!!!
Chad $500.00
In honor of Annie
The Kler Family $25.00
David and Edward $50.00
Jody Private
This gets your even closer!!
Tara & Conrad $30.00
Go Super Roo!
Max, Matilda and Margaret Private
Anonymous Private
Dave and Colleen Johnson $50.00
Anonymous Private
Melanie $25.00
Dawn Fantasia $50.00
Uber Optics $100.00
Jason Headley $250.00
Chris heller $10.00
My pleasure
Steve Wright $50.00
The Chalfins $30.00
Go Team!
Scott Bloom $50.00
K,k,j,B,b $100.00
Jason D Magon Private
Stephanie, Carl, Morgan, Jacob $20.00
Carl Smith $25.00
Nancy Brownlee $1,270.00
The Bellino Family $40.00
Good luck this year! Two ‘super’ kids with two super parents! Hope we can catch you on our next CA visit!
Mary Schoettinger $10.00
America Ruiz $50.00
Jennifer Zuk $25.00
Rose Quintilian $20.00
Sandra Carman $50.00
Good Luck Guys ??
Rich & Marissa and Family $25.00
We Love You! ??
The Swiatek Family $50.00
Go team RooChaCha!!!
Martzell Fam $50.00
Go Team RooChaCha!!
Pat Wolanski $100.00
Laidy and Harry $150.00
Anonymous Private
Team Moriarty $25.00
Go Team RooChaCha!! Sending our love!
Earl Pratt $50.00
I miss you guys. It looks like you guys are doing great
Penny McVay $100.00
Go Team RooChaCha! ??
Nikhil Nadkarny $100.00
Sophia Rush Private
Good Luck!
Mike & Tracy $100.00
Yay Team RooChaCha!
Joshua Finn Private
Good luck with the walk! ??
Paul & Scott $95.00
We love Rumi!
Regan and Beth $50.00
Rachel Hayes $50.00
Downie Family $50.00
jana $50.00
Eric Wing $50.00
Jeff Learned Family $25.00
Lynette $100.00
Go team RooChaCha, go!
Rebecca and Evan $50.00
Go RooChaCha go! We love you and will be with you in spirit!
Janet Burig $50.00
Lori Catlett $25.00
Go Team Roo-Cha-Cha????
Edna magon $50.00
Jameson’s grandparents $25.00
John Desaulniers $200.00
Rachel Hayes $50.00
The Lovecchio Family Private
We love you!
Sterling and Laura $100.00
We love you!
Anonymous Private
Lauren Moore $25.00
Evangeline Blizzard $25.00
Tim Coulter $25.00
Benjamin Meyer $50.00
The Cavanaghs $100.00
Lane Family $200.00
We’re going to try and make the walk, too!
Lindsay and Howie Miller Private
Go team RooChaCha!!!
Caleb's Crew $25.00
Have a great walk!
Kara A Ballesteros Ballesteros $50.00
Sending love from Ohio!
Kim $100.00
Love you all!!! Wish I were coming out for it this year!!!
Rachel Hayes $25.00
Benjamin Summers $50.00
Stanek Family $50.00
I love seeing the positivity and heart in everything you put on Facebook, especially for sweet little Rumi!! Go kick some butt Team Roochacha!!
Penny McVay $100.00
Go team RooChaCha! ????
Jeannette Mullins Private
Go TeamRooChaCha! Good luck!
R.A. Porter $50.00
Lauren, Wilson & kids $25.00
Go Team RooChaCha!
Meredith Private
Go get ‘em. Do the RooChaCha cha-cha.
Lance Cook Private
Sign's on me!!
Molly Matthews $25.00
Phyllis $300.00
Go team ho..
Katy F $100.00
Go, team, go!
Charles Karvelas Private
Wesley Ichishita $20.00
Eric Travis $30.00
Jones family Private
Jenny Marsh $50.00
Go Team RooChaCha!!!!
Ann Montgomery $50.00
Good luck reaching your goal!
Mark & Sandra Welsh $30.00
Rachel Hayes $25.00
Kevin, Jenny, Lucy, Malcolm, and Caroline $50.00
Go team RooChaCha!
Noelle Krimm $15.00
We think you are the bee's knees and we know two families - the Brownlee family and the Douglas family - who speak so highly of Club 21 so we figure we better help out a little bit.
Anonymous Private
Susan Martinelli $50.00
Dawn Morrow $25.00
Bill Morey Private
Nancy Racunas $50.00
Roland Chitwood $100.00
Go Team Roo-Cha-Cha! From Roland, Tyler and Doug
Merrie Greenfield Private
Love you, Brownlees!
Douglas Marshall $100.00
Chad McWreath $10.00
Melissa King $50.00
Robert Reed Kovalan $50.00
Mike et al, I love the pics. Thinking about you from across the country. with love, the Kovalans
Steve McAveney $200.00
Jody Private
We love you! Xox - Jody & Lilly
Brenda Weir Private
The Perri Family $75.00
Go Team RooChaCha! Love, Mike, Abby, Benji, Mika and Wrigley Dog...
Jon, Neeta, and Soraya $100.00
Yay Ru!
Domineck Family $50.00
Go get em Roo ChaCha!! ??
Abby and chars $150.00
We love you all so much!!!
Amy Sibert Private
Beth, Regan and Frankie $50.00
Corey Fischer $50.00
Trudy Blough $50.00
Mary Schoettinger $15.00
Phyllis Morris $15.00
Arnold Morris $15.00