Tim's Tribute

Team Years: 11

How quickly time flies! Welcome to our 2018 Together is Better Walkathon team fundraising page!  We are walking to show our support for Club 21 and individuals with Down syndrome.  Every dollar we raise brings us one step closer to ensuring that Club 21 will continue to support, educate, advocate and celebrate the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families. 

Our fundraising efforts will support Club 21 and their mission to provide educational tools and resources that enable individuals with Down syndrome to be fully included. 

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

Our Funds Raised: $2,771.00
My goal: $1,000.00 277%
Fundraising History
Vivianna Welflin and Family $60.00
Juana Solos $40.00
Jennifer and Timothy Synold $100.00
Jeff, Mary, Maya & Gus Crain $100.00
With loving memories of dear, darling Tim who brought joy and light to our hearts. Love to everyone at Club 21!
Kim and Helen Petersen $100.00
Hinojosa Family $50.00
All our love????
Stevie See $5.00
Cheryl Ann Antonelli $50.00
Robert & Helen Mortensen $250.00
The White Family Private
Loving you all, Team Tim’s Tribute!
Nana (Maria Reynolds) $100.00
My Beautiful Huerta-Borquez Family, Your love for each other is what dreams are made of. Tim will never be forgotten by me, I look at his photo and think of him often. Have a spectacular Walk day!! ~Love and Kisses, Nana
Nathan Chan $21.00
We love Team Tim's Tribute!
Kelly $20.00
Alscher Family $50.00
Carlos & Juanita Robledo $50.00
Kim Tran $250.00
Kim Tran
Anonymous Private
David Beringer $250.00
Daniel McKernan $100.00
Amelia Huerta $50.00
Bruce and Aimee Brazeau $100.00
Timmy continues to inspire - Go Team Tim!
The See Family $50.00
We will walk with you all in spirit! We love you.??
Vera Headd $100.00
Tina Johansing $100.00
Shadie Williams $15.00
Mary & Bob Spriestersbach $50.00
Jim and Terri Magula $100.00
Emma and Logan Tao $50.00
Beth Larranaga $50.00
What a great way to honor Tim! Happy to support such a great group and family!
Cheryl & Tony Antonelli $50.00
Good luck!!!! Love you all xoxo
Mark and Grace Crvarich $25.00
Rosemarie Hafler $25.00
Shadie Williams $15.00
nicholas pizzuti $15.00
Katie O'Neill $15.00
Vera Headd $15.00
Tina Johansing $15.00
Fred Borquez $15.00
Laura Borquez $15.00
Monica Borquez $15.00
Sofia Pizzuti $15.00