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Welcome to our 2017 Together is Better Walkathon team fundraising page!  We are walking to show our support for Club 21 and individuals with Down syndrome  Every dollar we raise brings us one step closer to ensuring that Club 21 will continue to support, educate, advocate and celebrate the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families. 

On March 31, 2017, my wife Yvette gave birth to our first child. A beautiful baby girl named Valentina Grey Prisco.  During the pregnancy Yvette and I were told that our baby was high risk to have Down Syndrome, but I don't think we truly believed it was a possibility.  To be honest, when we were given Valentina's diagnosis of Down Syndrome at birth we both experienced a tornado of emotions.  Nervousness.  Anger. Happiness. Both of us were not sure if we were strong enough to take on this journey alone, as we were already nervous being first time parents.  For me, the biggest fear was whether our baby girl would be able to experience everything I have always dreamt  for my child(school, sports, relationships, etc.).  Every parent worries whether they are doing everything they can for their child.  Not realizing we were ignorantly projecting a life of sweeping generalizations for our newborn.  Club 21 has been an amazing blessing for our family changing our perspective immediately.  We are incredibly grateful to be part of this courageous community.  

Yvette found Club 21 during our research, specifically the First Steps program.  This program allows for parents and children to meet for a couple of hours.  This "play date" includes newborn to three year olds (and their siblings).  I think most impactful aspect of this program is the ability to share experiences with parents going through the same journey as you.  Hearing the struggles and successes from parents three, six, or twelve months older than our daughter felt like having the cheat sheet to ensuring the best possible life for our beautiful baby girl.  This includes tips on dealing with early intervention to Physical & Occupational therapy to sensory issues to so much more.  The wealth of knowledge available among all the parents is priceless.  We look forward to opportunity  to "pay it forward" and share our experiences within this amazing community to new parents that will experience what we have gone through these past five months.

Besides hosting this First Steps "play date", Club 21 also organizes for Occupational and Physical Therapists to join this group at least twice a month.  The atmosphere is very organic and the therapist provide insight one on one with the parents within the group.  This ranges from what our daughter is doing well and tips on exercises that could help develop gross motor skills and more.  For me personally seeing the therapists talk with each parent regarding their child has allowed me to notice things I should be doing or what to look out for the in the upcoming months with Valentina.  Again feeling like we have a cheat sheet for our family's journey.

As we left our first visit at Club 21, there was a sense of relief that came over us: knowing that we weren't alone.  We now felt it was ok not to have everything figured out or to know everything.  Knowing that we now were part of a community that shared the same journey, we knew we had access to any information we didn't have ourselves.  At that moment, we looked at each other, took a deep breath, and said "WE GOT THIS!!!"  Knowing we had another family supporting us along our journey.

Please help us support an incredible organization that has supported us so much. Our fundraising efforts will support Club 21 and their mission to provide educational tools and resources that enable individuals with Down syndrome to be fully included. 

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

(Any business owners interested in becoming Corporate Sponsors for Club 21 please contact me for additional information)

Our Funds Raised: $5,955.00
My goal: $2,500.00 238%
Donation History
Robin Rose Private
Bless your family !
Anonymous Private
Vince Lopez $25.00
God sees a person that He loves when He looks at your little baby girl Valentina. I'm sure the road will tough at times as in life but your girl will always be the source of your joy. Kids have a way of doing that. May God richly bless your family!
Kieran Williams $25.00
Lots of love to my great-granddaughter, Valentina and her awesome parents! Love, Gram
Mary Prisco $300.00
Beyond Blessed that Gregg,Yvette, and my amazing granddaughter, Valentina have such a warm, loving, and supportive extended family, May God bless each and everyone of you!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Mary
Angie and Erlinda from ATS Private
Love the big smile, Go Valentina
Claudia Browne Private
Scott and Jeanne Private
Xoxoxo Anything for our sweet Valentina!! We love you!
Khalid Muhammad Private
Erin Brown and Justin Hering $25.00
Ali Private
Go Team Valentina!!
Kelly Britz $30.00
Sending our love and support from Minnesota! Kelly (Quadrel) Britz, Dan and Charlotte
Mary Ann Sintich $50.00
The DeCarolis Family Private
Valérie M Liautaud $50.00
Megan and Geoffrey Williams Private
We can't wait to meet you pretty little girl! Enjoy your walk this weekend!!
Fred Reed Private
Go team ValentinaGrey!
Tina B. Private
Rudy Escobar $25.00
Michael Private
You're a good man Gregg! What a beautiful picture of your daughter. Enjoy the walk, looks like and fun and love altogether.
Anonymous $100.00
Although we are not available to participate that weekend, we do support such a great cause. All our love and prayers to you and your family :)
Aunt Anne &a Uncle Bernie $20.00
We haven't met yet, but already love you so much Sweet Valentina!! See you soon!
Gerard Williams $100.00
Best parents, lots of love!!! Keep reaching for each goal !
Sharon Ellenson Private
Happy to support this wonderful cause!
Sandra Private
Corona Rugby $50.00
The Nakamura's Private
DeAnne Salzer $50.00
We love you little Valentina and will support you, mommy & daddy any we can!!!!
Gowri $20.00
Patty Gary Private
Larry Judd Private
Alex Moreno Private
Yanira Rodriguez $50.00
Love you
Sabina Bill Hailey Private
We love the love you guys are beaming!!! ValentinaGrey what a team! Miss you!
Uncle Sam and Aunt Judy $50.00
Vincent DiCindio Private
God bless Gregg, Yvette and Valentina!
The Close Family Private
Anonymous Private
Team Valentina Grey ??
Frank & Maria $20.00
We love you Valentina.
Janelle Private
Nailah Salaam Private
I wish I could join you guys for the cause! Enjoy. Muaaah.
Melissa Lucchesi $25.00
Jameson $50.00
Crissi Large $25.00
God bless Valentina! ?????
Jennifer Giordano $100.00
We will help however we can! ??
Richard Gilbert $1,000.00
Cristina Pianet $100.00
Irvin Family Private
Darlene Krysiak $50.00
Love you Valentina! ????
Shawn and Monica Angel $50.00
We Love You Sweet Valentina!!!
Marlena Schulz $50.00
What an amazing organization! Much love to your beautiful Valentina Grey ??
James & Susan Lyons $50.00
Dennis and Linda Saverd $50.00
Richard and Janis Kleinberg $100.00
Daniella N. $50.00
Laura & David Moses $100.00
Happy to donate in ways that can help our special friends. Wishing the whole family the best of support. -Dave & Laura
Marie Drake $10.00
God Bless your granddaughter, Mary!
Carter & Palmer Lim $25.00
What a blessing your sweet little Valentina is!
The Regan Family $25.00
Sherri and Dom Prisco $50.00
We love you, Valentina!!!
Nick Spar Private
Uncle Dave & Aunt Maureen $50.00
God Bless Valentina Grey , Gregg Jr & Yvette! Wishing your beautiful family love & happiness always! XOXO
Adriana Ramirez $50.00
Greg and Yvette have been bless with such a beautiful baby girl like Valentina ??????
Frank, Susan and Gina LaMotta $50.00
Love hugs and kisses to your sweet Valentina!
Lisa worthington $50.00
Robyn Salonna $100.00
Sounds like a wonderful organization!!! Happy you guys found them. NJ friend of Christina and Greg
CP & Erin $75.00
We love you Gregg, Yvette, and Valentina.
Tia Mirtha $100.00
God Bless those who help each other. Love you Little Princess! Love, Tia Mirtha (Aunt Mirt)
The Millar's $50.00
Nanny $50.00
This is certainly for an excellent cause. I love you guys very much and I am looking forward to seeing you in November. All my love, Nanny
Taryn Pierce $10.00
We love you . Cant wait to meet you . Love , Taryn , Aaron , Madison and Hudson.
Jack Golosky $10.00
Love your cousin Jack, I can’t wait to meet you!
Susan Guarino $50.00
Yvette and Gregg you are blessed. She is beautiful and I wish you much success with this event. Love always, Susan ????
Cathy vitale $50.00
Anonymous $20.00
KMKM Private
We love you Cousin Valentina ??
Paul and Carol Cox $50.00
Valentina is beautiful! God Bless !
Maria & Craig Donachie $50.00
God Bless you & your precious little Valentina! Love, Maria & Craig
Nick and Melissa Schneider $50.00
Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jack $50.00
To our beautiful neice wish we could be there we love ?? U.
Altro Family $50.00
Rick and Alicia Scrimger $50.00
Laurinda and Michael Lombardi $25.00
Cheryl and John Allen Private
John & Joana Burke $25.00
You have been blessed with an angel.
Missy Dreyer $25.00
All the best to you and your precious baby girl!
Charlie and Michelle Forton $50.00
We are praying for you guys, and are happy to see what a beautiful blessing you have in Valentina!
Jared Hubschman $100.00
Prisco, Hope you, your wife, and beautiful girl are doing well. Bonch
Gregg, Christina & Nicholas Prisco $250.00
God Bless you Valentina! We love you to the moon & back!
Roger McDaniel $50.00
Nancy Molina $40.00
Beautiful Valentina Grey??
The Levasseur's $100.00
God Bless beautiful Valentina Grey , her amazing parents and this wonderful organization! Sending our Love from New York!
Jessica Wallace $20.00
God bless you and your beautiful little girl.
Donna Biglin $50.00
Love to you and your sweet Valentina ??
gregg prisco $100.00
Gregg Prisco $15.00
Yvette Pompa $15.00
Nicole Pena $15.00
Chris Pena $15.00
Yadi Medina $15.00
Belicia Garcia $15.00
Jasmine Peredia $15.00
Jose Peredia $15.00
Jose Jr Peredia $15.00
Donna Elliott $15.00