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Team Emi

Team Walk Years: 2
Calling all Emi fans...

Emi wants YOU (yeah, you!)

Join Team Emi today!


It's been almost 2 years since Emi was diagnosed with Mosaic Down Syndrome.  When we received the news, like many other parents, our world was rocked.  We went through cycles of emotions, good days and rough days, but ultimately we've gotten stronger and more educated, thanks to the support of family & friends, and organizations like Club 21.  

Club 21's mission is to provide the educational tools and resources that enable individuals with Down syndrome to be fully included.  Our goal is for every individual with Down syndrome to have independence, access, and belonging.  And on Saturday, Oct. 21, the 10th Annual "Together is Better" Walkathon - Club 21's largest fundraising event of the year - is taking place from 9am-1pm at Central Park in Pasadena.  We're assembling Team Emi to walk with us - whether in person or in spirit.  

Club 21 has been an invaluable resource to our family, connecting us with others who are experiencing a similar journey.  We come together to celebrate the lives of our superstars with an extra chromosome.  We come together to learn how to be better champions for our kiddos who may not be able to advocate for themselves just yet.  And for us, having this support has helped us become better parents to our special little girl.  

2017 has presented its challenges to Emi, but she continues to impress us with her strength, perseverence, and bright spirit.  A couple notable highlights:

  • She rang in the New Year after having caught pneumonia over the holidays and endured 3 hospital stays, but she recovered and now enjoys a good back massage when we do respiratory therapy to open her lungs.  
  • She had 3 EEGs over several months to monitor the seizures she'd been having for the last 2 years - but after trying over 5 different medications with their share of horrible side effects, we're now seeing positive results.  
  • Last but not least, she had to give up her "only child" status, but has learned to "be gentle" and is growing nicely into her new role as protective big sister (when she's not yanking her brother's binky out of his mouth or grabbing handfuls of his hair).
She's our little warrior and inspiration, and it is in her honor that we ask you to join Team Emi.  You can walk with us at the Walkathon on Oct. 21 and/or donate (it's tax-deductible!) to our worthy cause. Our goal is to raise $250,000 and continue Club 21's mission to support, educate, advocate and celebrate the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families. 


Come join our adventure - we promise a good time :)


Lots of love,

Nan & Young

Our Funds Raised: $15,000.00

Donation History
Tracy Kim Private
I'm With Her (emi, of course)!
Ryan & Danielle Taguchi $121.00
Laurie & Patrick Dodd $100.00
Ed Festa $50.00
Bummed I missed the big event!
Cynthia Hartzell Private
Tina DePass Lujan $50.00
Emily Tsiang $25.00
Go emi!!!
Timmy, Robo, Luke, and Logan $50.00
Go team Emi!
Jun Heon Song $150.00
Leslie Bland Private
Who could say no to her beautiful face, in a shirt with the same face??? No. One. I hope Walk day is wonderful!
Alex Chan Private
Dennis, Sang & Dylan $100.00
Go Team Emi!!!
Anonymous Private
Go emi!
Lena & Jon $100.00
Go Team Emi! Sorry we couldnt make it!
Alana W Private
Go team Emi!
Josh Smith $20.00
Go Emi!!!
Jerome Gross $50.00
Much love to Team Emi!
Tanioka Family $25.00
Go Team Emi! ??
Eric Ma $50.00
The Okuis $50.00
We'll be with you in spirit, Emi! ?, Jon, Amy, and Ezra Okui
Mike Escudero $50.00
Eric Yang $100.00
Go Team Emi!
Estela Cheng $100.00
Jupiter, Jen and JJ Hsu $50.00
This is the cutest!!! Go emi!!!!!!!!! Do you have the shirt on kids size (3/4t) ? I would love to purchase one for jups.
Jerrlyn Iwata $100.00
Penny Alberts $50.00
Team Emi!
Stephanie Lutjens Private
So happy to support Team Emi!
Cecilia Wong $100.00
Michels Fam Private
Go Emi!
Dina Dip Dip $50.00
Alice, David and Layton $25.00
Go Team Emi!
Logan Tran $75.00
Cynthia Banh $20.00
Go Team Emi!
Brandi Wilson $50.00
Will be out of town on Saturday, but cheering & supporting TeamEmi from afar! Love, Bcakes
Dustin Woo $20.00
Liu Family $50.00
Go team Emi!! Continue to inspire! ?? Teresa, Law, and Kellen
Bryant, Jade and Zora $25.00
The St. Vaughn Family $100.00
Team Emi 4 Ever! We love you!
Darren Gin $20.00
Paradise, Christina, Ethan, and Evan $100.00
We love you, Emi :)
Ann To-Kim $100.00
Jeraorn Hanpachern $200.00
Judy Hui $100.00
Kathleen Gallagher $100.00
Hilary Hoffman Private
Jessica, Ted, Ella & Chase $75.00
Sorry we can't be there in person, but hoping this helps get you guys one step further. Good luck team Emi!
Tran/Phippard $100.00
Sorry we can't be there in-person. Go Emi!!
James K $20.00
Fannie & Leonard Kim Private
Porter's Private
We love Emi!
MJ Kwon Private
Sending love to Emi and family!
Giana and Archer $50.00
Sorry we couldn't be there... Sending a bunch of encouraging thoughts instead
Reynolds Family $50.00
We love you all, go team Emi!!!!
Anonymous Private
Jimmy, Erica, Siena and Sydney $100.00
Great stuff. Go Team Emi!
Dara Long $20.00
Thinking of you and your family, Nan!! Go Team Emi!!! xoxo Beara
Larry, Irene, Ethan & Mason Private
Sorry we can’t join you at the walk this time. Go Team Emi!!!
Rebecca Loo $50.00
Wishing your family all the best!!!
Alisa Adams Private
Go Emi!!!! <3 <3 <3
Cyndee Ewing $20.00
David & Judy $200.00
We love you, Emi! Go get ‘em!
Iyan Bruce $50.00
Go Emi!! ?????????? Iyan
Phill, Iris, Cal & Violet $100.00
Go Team Emi!!
Cindy $50.00
Yay Emi!
Sumo Pup $25.00
Gooooo Emi!
Jina & Jeff $50.00
Go Emi you rockstar and the parents who kick butt!
Ryann Breen Private
Emi, you ROCK!! ...and so do your awesome parents :)
Jennifer Contant $50.00
Melissa Abernathy $25.00
Lisa Vuong Private
Powers Family $100.00
We love you Emi!! While we can’t walk with you on the 21st, we would be honored to be a part of your team!!
Hsiao Family $100.00
Go Team Emi!!!
Sonia, Steve, Kellan & Kaison $50.00
Cheering for you Emi!
Bryan Atwood III/Vanguard Charitable $2,500.00
Lucinda Wong $100.00
Doi Family $100.00
Sorry we cannot make the walk, Landon and Anistin have basketball and football at that time. Go Team Emi!!!
Ted $50.00
Joanne Lee $50.00
Hudson Kawayoshi $50.00
Go Team Emi.
Minsik Choi $50.00
Pat Au $50.00
Go team Emi!!
Ryan Kearns $50.00
Go team Emi
Jason Gerali $20.00
Go Team Emi!
Winfield Han Private
Mac Suzuki $50.00
Judy Hui $50.00
DYLAN + JENI Private
Thinking of you guys.
Mike, Christina, Nathaniel, and Isaac $50.00
Coates Family $100.00
So proud to be donating to Team Emi. We love you guys!
John George $20.00
Spilger Family $100.00
We'll be with Team Emi in spirit!! Love you all.
Jarunee Hanpachern $50.00
Pam Chan $50.00
Coluv $100.00
Love you with all our hearts, Emi!
The Harrington family Private
Mike Lee $20.00
Erin Kadotani $50.00
Alice Koh $100.00
Go Emi!!!
Jeff Wong $25.00
The Millers $100.00
The Davis Henderson Family $50.00
We love you Emi!
Wes Knuth $100.00
Daos Boonma $25.00
Kelly Gelfound $100.00
Brian Caynan $25.00
Good luck Team Emi!
Connie Chen $100.00
Just looking at photos of Emi, you both are incredible parents. Keep on sharing your story to inspire others!
Gary Chang, Ping Liu, & Austin Chang $50.00
Go Emi!
Alyssa Chan $100.00
Sherman Private
Bryant Kwon $100.00
rockmore Private
for emi
Joclyn Sanders $50.00
Lu family $100.00
We love you Emi! <3 Samantha, Carson, Tim, and Tina
Murai Family $50.00
Derek & Val $100.00
Much love to you guys! #TeamEmi
Joan Hsia $25.00
Go Emi!! <3 :D
Ludwig Family $100.00
Excited to support Team Emi, a great family and the Club 21 Walk!
Shavonne Wieder $25.00
Anthony Hsieh Family $100.00
Dear Young, Nantalie and Emi, From our family to yours, you will be in our thoughts and prayers always! Stay strong and hope to see you all again soon!
Tony & Michelle $50.00
Jamie & Gen DeHavilland $50.00
Go Emi Go!!!
the Bushes $50.00
love you!
Luke Zheng Private
best wishes
Dan $100.00
Wish I could be there in person
Sophie Lam Private
Phillip Lee $100.00
Liz Heindl $100.00
John Kim $150.00
Anh, Jonah, Adeline & Bacon! Private
Yay! Go Emi! we miss you all and hope to see you guys soon!
Anonymous $36.00
Jared Lackman $25.00
Kate Hanpachern Private
We love you, Emi!
Friend of Stephanie Lee $100.00
Alida Demirjian $20.00
Go Team Emi!!!!!
Kim family $50.00
We love you, Emi! xo, John, Theresa, Miles, and Nixon
Vaughn Ryan $20.00
Kotani's Private
Yay Team Emi!!
Patrina $50.00
Go Team Emi!!!
Jerry, Jennilee and JJ Nguyen $100.00
Prayers to Emi and you both! She is strong just like her parents!
The Liu Family $100.00
Thinking of you!
Masaye Irish $100.00
Sorry we can't be there to share our support. We will be there in spirit.
Haley A. Wang $100.00
Go Team Emi! From Pink, Haley, Nick.
Wendy Cheng $140.00
Met Chau Private
Pam Chien $50.00
Anonymous Private
Brian (Bober) Lee $50.00
Hi Emi! We haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, but if you're anything like your mama, I know you'll do big things. Hi Nan! Long time...miss you! Saw the post and had to help. Hope you and the fam are well. All the best.
Codi George $25.00
Donny Lo $100.00
Way to go! :D
Ashlee George $100.00
Lam Dinh $100.00
Mary Lee & Reid Williams $150.00
Steve and Jeannie Do $50.00
Randy and Mary Private
Go Emi! Cheering you on from New York!
Uncle Rich $100.00
Lots of love and French Fries for my Emi Bear
Paige Lewis $50.00
Go Team Emi!! I'd join in person but will be at my high school reunion. Love you guys.
Chen and Sandia $50.00
Go Emi!!
David Lai Private
Kimberly Kon $25.00
Woohoo! High tens to sweet Emi and all of the team! ????
Jeffrey Zhou $50.00
Go Emi! Be all you can be.
Yvonne Li $25.00
Cliff Hsia $25.00
Go Team Emi!
Judy Lee $50.00
Yoshimura's $40.00
Go Team Emi! ??
Danny Pomerantz $30.00
Emi's lucky to have the best parents!
Stephanie Wells $25.00
Audrey and Ian Private
We love you Emi!!
Jeraorn Hanpachern $100.00
Abby and Anderson Lee $300.00
Go Emi!! We love you!!!
Nantalie Song $250.00
Nantalie Song $15.00
Young Song $15.00
Jeraorn Hanpachern $15.00
Judy Lee $15.00
Gary Lee $15.00
Lucas Lee $10.00
Katie Lee $10.00
Richie Oshiro $15.00
Praneet Siksamat $15.00
Emilia Song $10.00
JungHee Song $15.00
Junheon Song $15.00
Nathan song $10.00
Codi George $10.00
Wendy Cheng $15.00
Derek Cheng $15.00
Kayla Cheng $10.00
Kyle Cheng $10.00
Krysten Cheng $10.00
Vaughn Ryan $15.00
Liz Heindl $15.00
David Heindl $15.00
Tina Lu $15.00
Tim Lu $15.00
Samantha Lu $10.00
Joclyn Sanders $15.00
Tu Huynh $15.00
Dennis Chan $15.00
Erin Kadotani $15.00
Jarunee Hanpachern $15.00
John George $15.00
Minsik Choi $15.00
Christie Choi $15.00
Connor Choi $15.00
Oliver Choi $15.00
Jennifer Contant $15.00
Balke Contant $15.00
Richard Chang $15.00
Matteo Chang $10.00
Kimberly Kon $15.00
Andrew Satanapong $15.00
Cyndee Ewing $15.00
Kathleen Gallagher $15.00
Luke Evans $10.00
Dustin Woo $15.00
Na Ung $15.00
Cecilia Wong $15.00