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Team Walk Years: 10
Molly B Golly

Dear Friends and Family,

Molly graduated from High School this year! Hard to imagine!  20 years ago we couldn’t imagine her walking on stage alongside her peers…. with them cheering her accomplishment. 

We couldn’t imagine that she would be bold enough to want to run for Prom Queen (neither of us even went to our prom). 

We couldn’t imagine…that she would love learning and would want to go to college OR that it might be a true possibility for her.

We are now imagining a full life for her because of YOU, the growing community of Club 21 and the collaborations we can make with other organizations ( Take a peak at Center for Independent Futures We continue to push the doors open and hope and trust that they will become wide open doors for others to follow.

We couldn’t imagine that a community of over 250 families would come together and make possibilities happen.   ALL OF YOU, made it happened.  ALL OF YOU have given abundantly to make sure that barriers are being broken, myths are being dispelled, and that hope and vision can lead to real change.   You have encouraged us, given abundantly, and have been companions on this wild roller coaster. We can’t thank you enough!

In this time of such turmoil in our nation…. fear, discrimination and hopelessness abound.  We are saturated with information and often become immobile.  But, on the corner of Lake Ave. and Santa Barbara, Club 21 is not immobile.  In fact we  are growing, thriving, and giving birth to new opportunities, new programs, new vision and a generation of families who think and act differentlySo… we would love to invite you to support the Litteken’s again this year at our Together is Better Walk A Thon on October 21st.   We promise you - your investment will have multiple returns.  Our goal is $5,000.  In the next few months, we will continue to update you with some wonderful stories of lives that have been changed because YOU helped build Club 21 Learning and Resource Center.  Please share these stories… because the world needs to know that Together really is Better!

Our Funds Raised: $4,785.00
My goal: $5,000.00 95%
Donation History
Lynn Beria $100.00
Sue Varga $100.00
Mark and Ann Grimmett $100.00
Marilyn Crawford $100.00
Linda Roberts $500.00
Sanders Family $100.00
We are so proud of you Molly!
Brad Olson $100.00
Dawn & David Moore $500.00
We love you and appreciate all that you do!!
Lisa, Randy & Jaclyn Cole $100.00
Love you Littekens!
Chauncey and Andra Clarke $200.00
What a blessing to be apart of Club 21! Molly you rock!
John and Shelley Wierick $500.00
Go Molly! Happy to be part of the team.
Maya Crain & Family $100.00
Catherine Shelton Private
Elizabeth Bobroske $10.00
so proud of you brookie! love you <3
Rossi Family $10.00
The Hiyake Family $250.00
Sorry we can't be there this year! Will miss all the fun! Much love and success to you all!!
Stan Olson $100.00
Jon and Karin Primuth $100.00
Julie Blackshaw $500.00
Lynn Z $250.00
Will be thinking of you ALL during this GREAT event!!
Betty and John Stanfill Private
Anita Sorenson $50.00
Victoria and Mark Eaton $200.00
Go Molly! You rock!
Rob and Jamie Knauss $100.00
Wish we were there to enjoy the day!
Anne Richardson Gibbs $100.00
Michael Litteken $400.00
Molly Litteken $15.00
Nancy Litteken $15.00
Michael Litteken $15.00
Julie Blackshaw $15.00
Brooke Olson $15.00
Allie Hodgen $15.00