Team RooChaCha Members
Karyn Brownlee
Michael Brownlee
Dashiell Brownlee
Rumi Brownlee
Neeta Nadkarny
Jon Morris
Soraya Morris
Kimberly Morris
Arnold Morris
Phyllis Morris
Rebecca Morris
Evan Becka
Jenny Corbett
Kevin Corbett
Lucy Corbett
Malcolm Corbett
Caroline Corbett
Neil Brownlee
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Team RooChaCha

Team Walk Years: 2
Let's rock the walk!

Team RooChaCha is back and ready to rock the walkathon again this year! You are invited to join us in our fundraising efforts for Club 21!

Rumi, Dashiell, Michael and myself will walk to celebrate the lives of people with Down Syndrome! 

We will walk to support Club 21's ultimate mission: to provide educational tools and resources to enable folks with Down Syndrome to be fully included!!

We will walk to raise LOTS and LOTS of MONEY for Club 21 because that's what you need to get the job done!

We will walk because it's good exercise!

We will walk because lots of other people will be walking with us and its nice to chat!

We will walk because, at the end, there will be food trucks and a big party!

Join Team RooChaCha in person on October 21 or sign up and support us virtually!  Help us meet our super amazing goal of $10,000! 

Club 21 has given our little family so much and we wanna give back with all we've got! Will you help us?

Come on! Let's get fired up! 

Many humble thanks,

Karyn Brownlee

Team Captain






Our Funds Raised: $8,671.00
My goal: $10,000.00 86%
Donation History
Neeta Nadkarny $100.00
Sarita H. Muley $51.00
Kimberly Holt $25.00
Nicolas Takamine $25.00
Romero-Crockett Fam $30.00
Brenda Weir $20.00
Lynda Teller $25.00
Karyn & Michael Brownlee $45.00
John & Charlotte Desaulniers $250.00
PA Peeps! $1,500.00
TJ and HC $50.00
Sophia Rush Private
Anonymous Private
Dan & Heloisa $50.00
Tracy & Mike $100.00
Amanda Ashfield $35.00
Carl DeGrazio $20.00
SCCLNLE $100.00
Have fun on the walk! We loved your video… Rewatch it a lot! We will be thinking of you tomorrow!
Maggie Balistreri Private
Flanagan/Pratt Family $25.00
Glad to support this organization that has been so helpful to the Brownlee family!
Andrea Fellers $25.00
Sending so much love & support??
David Chalfin $50.00
Jodi Borello & Family $20.00
Annie Fu Wang $100.00
Katy Farzanrad $25.00
Go, Team RooChaCha!
alycia rossiter $200.00
I know we are "friends" but Rumi is family. See you on Saturday cha cha!
Carl Smith $25.00
Jill Jin $50.00
GO GO GO Rumi!
Winnie and Friends $1,000.00
Good luck reaching your goal Rumi! Next year we'll be walking together!
Tara & Conrad $50.00
Go Roochaha! xx
Laura Shady $25.00
Ileana Funez Private
Katherine Clusen $40.00
We're rooting for you and your beautiful family! With love from Chicago.
Rachel Hayes $30.00
Kyle Arrington $100.00
Steph Adams $10.00
what a beautiful family! Enjoy the walk!
Chelsea $20.00
Anonymous Private
Jenn Cady Photo Cady $100.00
Phil Yearous & Joey Rando $25.00
A cause so very close to my heart! Y'all have fun kicking butt out there!
Jeremy & David $100.00
Milind $25.00
Ron & Suzanne $25.00
Ray and Nancy $50.00
God bless you all!
Michael Rackov $20.00
Rachel Hayes $40.00
Nancy Forero $50.00
Go Team RooChaCha!!!!!
Anonymous Private
Kenda, Bob & Kai Private
Go team RooChaCha! Xo
Kevin B (Dianna D's friend) $10.00
After seeing that video, how could I not donate?
The Oman Family $75.00
Gene & Judy Rush $30.00
Lisa $25.00
Your family is an inspiration for what love looks like. Happy to support!
Trudy Blough and family $25.00
I love the spirit of your entire family. I challenge any friends and family of mine to match or beat my donation.
Mark and Sandra Welsh $25.00
Go team!
Barbara Minch $50.00
Wonderful Organization Wonderful Families!!
Melissa Bellino $20.00
Love watching your family grow together!
Elizabeth, Griffith and Pearl $100.00
We love your family!
Stephen T. Brophy $50.00
Go Team Roo!
Kimberly Logan $20.00
Go get 'em!
Janet Burig $50.00
Marsh Family $50.00
Go Rumi!!
Sandi and George Dawson $25.00
The kids are both beautiful and so talented!
Douglas Marshall $50.00
Danza/Karaman family $20.00
Go Team RooChaCha!!
Amy & Michael Yount $25.00
John (Rheel), Hope, Chase & Lily $20.00
Jeannette Mullins Private
Norma Morris Charest $35.00
Reed Kovalan Family $50.00
Go Team RooCHaCha!
Angie Hage $30.00
Go team go!
Kanchan Nadkarny $100.00
All the best to all the walkers
Susan and Tom Ashcraft $50.00
The DiNanno's $50.00
Eric Travis $30.00
Erin Fulham $100.00
One of Aunt Jenny's midwives
Anonymous $50.00
Susan $75.00
Bari Biern Private
Odile Penet $25.00
Auntie Jenny's friend!
Rose Quintilian $25.00
I'm a friend of Jenny's.
Jenny Corbett $25.00
John and Elaine Gilmore Private
Paul & Scott $50.00
You guys are the best! Go Rumi
R.A. Porter $25.00
Lauren Marino $25.00
Louise MacCallum Private
Rachel Hayes $25.00
Bob Vernon Private
Laura and Sterling Halad Private
Love you guys!
Rachel Downie $50.00
Domineck Family $10.00
Chris and Bill $100.00
Love you guys!!!!
Jill Tourtellot $100.00
Katie Watson $150.00
Arnold Morris $200.00
Kimberly Morris $50.00
Neeta Nadkarny $100.00
Cory and Kelly Rush Private
Erin Rooney $25.00
Morris crew in de $100.00
Love you guys!!! Have fun
Matthew Tiegler Private
Evan Becka $50.00
Kippie and Columbo Private
Jo $50.00
Beth, Regan and Frankie $75.00
Julia Jones $25.00
Marci Siegel $100.00
Go team!!
Benji and Mika Perri $50.00
Good luck Brownlees! We love you!
Karyn Brownlee $15.00
Michael Brownlee $15.00
Dashiell Brownlee $10.00
Kimberly Morris $15.00
Arnold Morris $15.00
Phyllis Morris $15.00
Neil Brownlee $15.00
Nancy Brownlee $15.00
Laura Shady $15.00