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Violet's Pirates

Team Walk Years: 6

Welcome to our 2017 Together is Better Walkathon team fundraising page!  It is that time of year and Violet's Pirates is asking for your support for the Annual Club 21 Walk. Violet's Pirates are walking to show our support for Club 21 and individuals with Down syndrome.  Every dollar we raise brings us one step closer to ensuring that Club 21 will continue to support, educate, advocate and celebrate the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families. 

Our fundraising efforts will support Club 21 and their mission to provide educational tools and resources that enable individuals with Down syndrome to be fully included. 

Violet's Pirates knows that times are difficult for most of us, but any donation at all helps.  We accept any amount.  There is no minimum and of course no maximum.  Please make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

Our Funds Raised: $4,564.00
My goal: $2,000.00 228%
Donation History
Billy & Marianne Richards $25.00
Megan Trethewey $25.00
Great Job, Grandpa Tony!
Lia $20.00
Violet I'm so sorry I will not be able to Volunteer. I have a soccer game today, but two of my friends said they would be there today to help. Every volunteer makes a difference. Have fun and I will be there next year to volunteer. Love you Violet??
Vero $30.00
Violet sorry I'm not able to Volunteer this year Lia has a soccer game. Please note your will always have our love and support. Enjoy your walk and know we will be there next year to Volunteer. Love you mama?????????
Susan Bratt $100.00
Arena Skiled Trades $200.00
Ernest Cartwright $30.00
Powell Electric $500.00
Denise & Glenn Friedman Private
Love you guys & hope you reach your goal. Go Violet Pirates!
Bill Sordal $25.00
Randy's Work $219.00
Ana Diaz $25.00
Grammie Jeree $200.00
Grammie Loves you to the Moon and Back Sweet Violet
GiGi $210.00
Love you VV I wish I was able to walk with you.
Uncle Dave $100.00
Good Luck Violet
Oma $85.00
Love you baby girl. I am so happy and proud to be your Oma!!!!
Lydia Taylor Private
Samuel Kamae $35.00
Bob Rollins $25.00
Have fun and enjoy the special time with your amazing granddaughter!
Sherry McCoy $30.00
Julissa Banuelos $25.00
Meena Rodriguez $50.00
Jon $500.00
Go Violet-O , Love Grampie Jon
Carmen and Anthony $50.00
I hope you meet your goal. We love you all.
Liz Davenport $100.00
Ivan & Terri Medina $100.00
Go Violet!! We love Team Violet!!
Leeds Staffing $500.00
Robert E. Ahrendt $50.00
Claudia Haro $25.00
Go team Violet!!?
Luissin, Megan, & Evan $70.00
Liz & Harry $100.00
We love you Violet!!
Margie Ortiz $100.00
Gina & Richard Rodriguez $100.00
We Love Violet's Pirates! Hugs!
Leah Private
Keep being awesome, Violet!
Nicole Smith $50.00
Anonymous Private
Tony, Violet is a gem. Best of luck.
Anonymous Private
Go Violet Pirates! Your beautiful!
Juan Marroquin $50.00
Doc and Roxie Minor $100.00
Good Luck this year I know you'll do great. Wish I was there to walk with you. Big Hugs and lots of love. Diana
Anna De La Cruz $20.00
Very blessed baby girl to have grandparents like yous. Love you all Annie.
Larry Ellsworth $30.00
For Captain Violet and her Pirates, and Grampa too!
Anthony Cardwood $25.00
Roger Rock Swart $20.00
Hope the goal is doubled for you Tony. (Grandpa)
Doreen Przybyla Galoyan $20.00
What a great grandpa you are Tony. Violet is blessed to have you in her life and you are blessed to have her in yours.
Grampa $100.00
Love you Snuggle Buddy
Samuel Kamae $15.00
Sheila Rodriguez $15.00
Mark Rodriguez $15.00