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Sugar Shane

Team Walk Years: 2
Sugar Shane

Welcome to our 2017 Together is Better Walkathon team fundraising page!  We are walking to show our support for Club 21 and individuals with Down syndrome.  Every dollar we raise brings us one step closer to ensuring that Club 21 will continue to support, educate, advocate and celebrate the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families- just like ours! 

Our fundraising efforts will support Club 21 and their mission to provide educational tools and resources that enable individuals with Down syndrome to be fully included. Resources which we and Shane have benefited from immensely.

You can make your tax-deductible donation today should you desire to continue helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your continued love and support! 

Our Funds Raised: $10,100.00
My goal: $25,000.00 40%
Donation History
Robert Mucic $100.00
Anonymous Private
Nicolette Aizenberg Private
Good Luck!!! xx
Mollyrose, Finnegan, Tex & Tracy Kadonaga Private
We love you, Shane!
Dave & Julia Lee Private
Sorry we couldn't be there for the walk this year. We wanted to send a little donation for Team Sugar Shane.
Rachel Yoo Private
Keni Jheun $100.00
A24 Private
Go Sugar Shane!
Yung Family Private
Have a great walk tomorrow, will be with you in spirit!
Elisa Lee Randell $50.00
A Hong Private
Matthew Bires $100.00
Teresa Kim $100.00
Go Sugar Shane! <3 Teresa, Kenneth, and Ethan
Jamie Groves Private
Blessings to Shane and your family!
Sammy Kim Private
Carole Kim Private
Sarah & Brian Han $100.00
Frank, Lisa, & Frankie $50.00
Adi&Kai Private
Laura Love Strutzenberg Private
Thank you, Club 21, for supporting and blessing the lives of people we love. Go team Sugar Shane!
Olivia & Nathan Private
Always rooting for Team Sugar Shane
Diane Schregardus $100.00
Thank you for your inspiration, Jamie!
The Pittmans $100.00
David Lee $50.00
Vivian Byeon Private
hi jamie! so sorry its not much! send shane a big hug for me :) hope you and your family are doing well!!!
Sasha $100.00
Sara Fernandez $50.00
SHANEY grandparents!!! $400.00
We love you, our angel!
Hodges $100.00
Katz $500.00
BrianDianaSophieJakey $200.00
Sending you and your family SO much love!!!! Wish I would be there to walk! ??
The Doi Family $300.00
Diane Rey $50.00
Team Novacheck $75.00
Matt Schmidt & Roman Charmes $50.00
Thanks for all that you do, truly an inspiration!
Patty Oh Private
Charlotte Howe $50.00
Jung family $200.00
We love you Sugar Shane and Lee family????????
Eunice Wright Private
Sarah Chong Private
Noah Sacco Private
Lindsay Hall Private
So glad you told us about this, Jamie!
PETER LEE $50.00
Michelle Park Private
Alex Prairie Private
love you, Shane =)
Daniel Kim $50.00
Go Shaney!!!!!!!!
Melinda Ige Private
The Moons Private
Stephanie Private
Always and forever Team Sugar Shane ????
Erin Shishido Fujimoto $40.00
Jenny You $50.00
Jediah, Stephen, Aston Private
James & Ruth Private
Hope to join in the walk next year. Love the Lee family and that killer sugar shane smile. Have a great time out there!!
Paige Parker Private
B1B2B3 $25.00
Jess, Jon, Adlie and Joseph $50.00
Shaner. Ray of sunshine! I am so grateful for you and the place you allowed me to have in your life. Jamie, Your friendship means so much to me in many different capacities but knowing it all started because of your sweet boy makes it everything!
Pyon Family Private
We love you, Shane!! Sorry we can't be there this year...we will be out of town. Sending all our <3!! Matt, UJ, Joshua, Jacob
Lena Najarian $50.00
Dave Young Park $100.00
Lucya Private
Phil & Christine Joo Private
We love you, Lees! Repping and loving on Sugar Shane from SLO! ????
Eddie Han $100.00
Evan and Elyse $100.00
Unfortunately we cannot join this year, but always rooting for this cause and for big boy Sugar Shane! Love this family to pieces.
Nam Family Private
Samantha Strother Boch $10.00
Nayri Jilizian $50.00
Paul & Sharon Private
Remi & River $50.00
Go team Lee!
Mrs. & Mrs. Jennifer & Arlene Garcia $40.00
Lucy Dalzell $200.00
Go Shane!! Miss you!!
Daniel Ju Private
Lesssgooo team sugar Shane!!
Sara Ju $25.00
Travis, Tammy, Tyler $100.00
Daniel Paik $100.00
Jay Ian $25.00
Cat and Phil $100.00
Priscilla Kim Private
James & Nancy Pai $100.00
We can't walk with you as team members b/c of sports obligations but we will be rooting for you from afar. Your family is such an inspiration!! Go Team Sugar Shane!!
Christine & Richard Private
Ronnie and Esther Park Private
Go Team Sugar Shane! We love the Lee Family!
Wetzel family Private
Super bummed we're going to miss walking with you!! My cousin is visiting from Korea that same weekend. We support you though and love your infectious smile. Go Shane!!
Joanne Chua Private
The Mucic Family $100.00
Can't wait for the event. We love you all!
David Lee Private
Eric and Miriam Park Private
We love you. We pray for you. We encourage you. We rootin' for you! Xo
Caroline Lee $100.00
Such a beautiful family and beautiful cause. Your love is inspirational and so evident in each of you. Shows through the eyes when you all smile. God bless!! Xoxo
Ra family Private
We are one of your biggest fans. Love you, Shane - and your beautiful family!!!
Des and Nora Private
We love you Sugar Shane and your family! ??
Linda Private
Your son is just so adorable and your family is absolutely beautiful! Love seeing pictures on fb/ig and smile and remember my own in heaven. ??
Patricia Choi Private
Hi Jamie! I admire you and your big heart for all that you do. Go Team Sugar Shane!!!
Liza Chu and family Private
Jane Park ?? Private
Love you, Sugar Shane!!! Honored to walk alongside you every year.
Lih-Wern Wang Private
Go Shane!
Lu family $50.00
Heeyoung Private
Sorry I can't be there for the actual walk and supporting you guys through prayer! I hope Shane and Shiloh continue to make many people smile and that they shine God's love daily! Miss you guys!
Jane Lee $50.00
Susanna Chong $50.00
Jaime!!!! I am so inspired by you and your family! Shane is adorable and I can't wait to get to know him!
Jeannie & Paul Lee Private
Debbi Parrott Private
And the kids have rehearsals on Saturdays but we wanted to support our favorite team !!
Ashkimsuh $100.00
GO Shane!! You are my sunshine! ?
Pak family $50.00
Anonymous $40.00
Maggie Tittler $35.00
Jeff and Jenny Hong Private
Will be there in spirit (and facetime). Love you!!
Elizabeth Kim $25.00
Taylor Kim $25.00
Cindy Park Private
Team Sugar Shane $200.00
Jamie Lim Lee $15.00
Andrew Lee $15.00
Shane Lee $15.00
Shiloh Lee $15.00
Susanna Nam $15.00
David Nam $15.00
Ethan Nam $10.00
Owen Nam $10.00
Jane Park $15.00
Jeannie Lee $15.00
Daniel Paik $15.00
Dave Young Park $10.00
Hong Park $15.00
Joshie Park $15.00
Finn Parker $10.00
Paige Parker $10.00