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Team Walk Years: 6

Hello Friends & Family!

Each year at this time, I like to reflect on the previous 12 months and how Club 21 has helped us get to where we are today.  

When Luca was born, school was one of those BIG UNKNOWNS for me.  I wanted him to have every opportunity out there, but I didn’t know where to start.  Preschool? Elementary school?  How would I find the right fit for him?  Luca spent preschool in a “special day class” with other kids that have developmental disabilities.  We had the best experience with wonderful teachers and support. When the time came to start thinking about kindergarten, I began to think of other options, besides a SDC.  You see, Club 21 has taught me that the best thing for Luca is to be in a class with his typically developing peers.  Not only that, studies show that ALL KIDS do better when you have a class of students with mixed abilities.  The students learn to be teachers.  They learn empathy.  They learn patience.  And perhaps the most important lesson…we are all different and each of us has gifts to offer.  

So…On August 14, with butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes, I sent Luca off to kindergarten.  Fully included in a typical kindergarten class!  He walked in, sat on the carpet and was ready for the day.  I could not have been more proud.  All of his hard work had prepared him for this.  We had given him the tools for success!  

The reason I share this story is because none of this could have been possible without the support of Club 21.  They have given us the tools to support Luca and the courage to ask questions like “why can’t Luca be in a typical kindergarten class?” Club 21’s motto of “Together Is Better” is so true.  I see it each morning when I walk Luca into school.  The older kids in school all want “high 5s.”  The kids in his class all want to hold his hand and be his friend.  Luca loves school!  We have already seen a huge improvement is Luca’s language skills!  I have no doubt that this was the right decision for Luca.  I thank God that Club 21 is in our lives.  Now it’s our turn to support Club 21!  Help TEAM CANDELORA be the top fundraiser so that the amazing programs they offer will continue to help other families on this amazing journey! 

Much Love,


Our Funds Raised: $16,150.00
My goal: $10,000.00 161%
Donation History
Charles & Kathy Murchie $50.00
Emma Carafotes $50.00
Way to go Team Candelora!
RABADI Rabadi $50.00
Anonymous Private
Tommy Kendall $100.00
Julie Soma $21.00
Uncle Dan $150.00
I Love you, Luca!
Candelora! $50.00
Yea!! We love ya!!
Murchie Family $25.00
Bessi Dolan $150.00
We LOVE you, Luca!
kellie klein $100.00
101 Players Club Drive $100.00
The Reichman Family $250.00
Love to Luca! Aunt T, Uncle K, Little K
Luczyski Real Estate $600.00
Go Luca! We love you!
The Thorell Family $50.00
Matthew C Corlett Corlett $500.00
We love you Luca. Aunt Diane,Uncle Matt,Alex,Maddy & Bobby
Kukkonen Family $50.00
LaLa and Pop Private
See you there
Grant Family $500.00
Skip and Deb Hudson $500.00
So happy for you all and thrilled for Luca as he continues to spread his joyful self with the world!
none $500.00
Gail M Corlett $100.00
Go Team Candelora! Sending love & support!!
The Dilbeck Family $100.00
Go Team Candelora!! Thank you Club 21 and Candelora Family for making all of our lives brighter????
Nadine & Paul Melancon $2,000.00
Ben, Linda, Wyatt, Hunter & Baby "C" $100.00
Go Team Luca! We love you!
The Tolleson Family $50.00
Rasic Family $100.00
Charles Callanan $100.00
Sally and Bob Corlett $2,500.00
Ronnie & Candy Smith Private
Ronnie Smith Private
Laurie Smith $100.00
Susan Schnieders $50.00
Good luck to team Candelora! I'll be walking with you in spirit
Trevor & Cynthia Foley $200.00
Way to go Luca!!!!!
Friedman Family $150.00
Joan and Ralph Savarese $150.00
Melissa Udell $100.00
The Olmsted Family $50.00
Karen Limongelli $50.00
The Eckardt Family Private
Go Team Candelora!
FRANK J LIU DDS liu $200.00
Go Luca!!!
Erica De Anda Private
Love & miss you my lil buddy Luca!!!!
Labrecques $100.00
Go Team!
Professional Pool And Spa Dulce & Rachel $500.00
Pitt Realty Group, Inc. $200.00
Ramsgate Floral Designs $500.00
Gooooo Team Candelora!!!
Roderick LaRoy & Family;-) $100.00
GO LUCA! You are so blessed in so many ways?
Kornmann Family $50.00
Go Team Candelora!
Savarese Law Firm $500.00
Bridge Family $200.00
Go Luca and Team Candelora !
Jakub Pietrowski $500.00
The Cook Family $250.00
We love you Luca!
The Larson Family $500.00
We love you Luca!!
Georgino Family $50.00
Jack and Dorothy Peppard $150.00
This community of help and support translates into hope. It is a wonderful organization. Best of luck on the walk.
Gonzalez family $25.00
We are so happy for Luca and his loving family. ??
Bill & Bridget Taormina Private
Emily Stecker $100.00
Holly Smith Jones $100.00
Kate Candelora $1,000.00