Sponsorship Information


There are many reasons to support Club 21. Families find Club 21 at different steps along their child's journey. Whenever they arrive, Club 21 provides a vision for their child that is full of possibilities, access, independence, and belonging. 

What we see at Club 21...

  • Families who, upon receiving an in-utero diagnosis of Down syndrome, find hope and safety when they discover Club 21.
  • New parents who find community and get vital information from therapists and “seasoned” parents in our First Steps program.
  • Parents who receive the training they need to help their child and teacher in the Learning Program.  
  • Children in our Every Child a Reader (ECAR) program who gain confidence and skills to begin to read and follow a course to literacy that will change their life.
  • Siblings that come to Sibshops and have a place where they are the focus and get the tools they need for their journey. 
  • Resources and support provided to schools and teachers, helping our students have access to adapted curriculum and inclusive classrooms.
  • Fathers who gain support from one another in monthly meetings of Dads Appreciating Down syndrome (D.A.D.S.)
  • Volunteers whose lives are changed by working with Club 21.
  • Moms at our Mom’s Meet-Up group, who have a chance to talk, socialize, connect and leave the stress at home.