Why should YOU run with us?

Team Swag. Because there’s nothing like cool gear to make that last mile seem just a little less
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  • Our gear includes Short Sleeved Shirt 
  • Raise more than the minimum and we will throw in a LuMind IDSC swag bag with cool running accessories! 
  • Become one of our superstar fundraisers and we will personalize your running shirt!


Here are some of the many other perks of becoming a LuMind IDSC Runner:

  1. Sense of community. As a LuMind IDSC Runner, you’ll join a vibrant group of individuals who are “actively” supporting vital Down syndrome research. Connect with us on our LuMind IDSC Facebook group and gain access to a strong community of dedicated runners who serve to motivate and inspire one another.
  2. Online Fundraising and Communication Tools. With LuMind IDSC Runners, you’ll receive your own personal fundraising page that you can customize and share. Donors can show their support by making a gift online, or by mailing us a check.
  3. Supportive Staff.  Rebecca Harris is committed to helping you achieve all of your training and fundraising goals. Please don’t hesitate to contact her with questions or to brainstorm ideas!