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Mar's Stars

Team Walk Years: 3

Welcome to our 2017 Columbus Buddy Walk® Mar's Stars fundraising page! We can't wait to join thousands of other participants at Mapfre Stadium on Sunday, October 1st to celebrate all of our fundraising success! Please stay tuned for more information about our team regarding upcoming fundraising opportunities and our team's tailgating plans for the day of the walk. 

With over 250,000 people in the United States with Down syndrome, we strive to provide tools and opportunities that promote awarenessacceptance and inclusion in our communities. Every dollar we raise brings us one step closer to ensuring that Marley and every individual will have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Our fundraising efforts will support local programs and services, as well as National Down Syndrome Society advocacy and public awareness initiatives that benefit all individuals with Down syndrome.

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helping us achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!

Our Funds Raised: $11,310.00
My goal: $10,000.00 113%
Donation History
Joshua Pattin $20.00
Anonymous $1,000.00
Melanie Pinkerton $100.00
Bryan & Tricia Mahoney $95.00
Daniel & Natalie Merkle $215.00
Jodi & John Marsh $50.00
Megan and James Dugan $450.00
Kristina Sessa $50.00
Tidd Family Funeral Services $150.00
David & Katherine Fairman $100.00
Eric Hoover & Jaelith Taddeo $55.00
Alli & John Woods $30.00
Jeffrey & Annmarie McCallister $30.00
Edward J. Merkle Real Estate & Builder $70.00
Village Legacy LTD $300.00
Deda $250.00
House Wine $350.00
David A. Goldstein Co. LPA $200.00
Cate + Mike Taylor $100.00
Pirtles $25.00
Daniel and Natalie Merkle $535.00
Michael and Nancy Haninger $150.00
Tatum Willoughby $70.00
Craig and Joyce Hoover $100.00
Meredith Peters for Kendal and Alex $30.00
FROM Alex Mahoney's Birthday $25.00
Have a great walk/run!
Sara Posey $30.00
For Alex and Kendal's birthday celebrating and supporting a great cause!
Kate Campbell $25.00
In honor of Alex and Kendal's birthdays and for a great cause.
Denise J Pesich $100.00
So proud to contribute again to this cause on behalf of our family favorite, Marley Grace.
Karmen Dann $50.00
Mike Duffey $50.00
Gray Beckett $40.00
Tessa Hemmelgarn $40.00
Celebrating Alex and Kendal's 9th birthdays.
Kendal Thompson and Alex Mahoney $50.00
In honor of Kendal Thompson and Alex Mahoney's 9th birthday.
Stella Bernhardt $30.00
With birthday wishes to Kendal and Alex, what a thoughtful idea for Marley and the Buddy Walk.
Leah Levingston $25.00
In celebration of Marley and with birthday wishes to Alex and Kendal!
Annie Shaner $40.00
Happy birthday to Alex and Kendal! What a nice gift idea!
Matilda $40.00
Lisa Schwieterman $50.00
The Kuhnells $25.00
Thomas Hoover $50.00
The Cahill Family $40.00
Birthday gift for Alex Mahoney and Kendal Thompson. These 2 girls have big hearts and happy to donate to this cause in honor of their birthdays!
The Hudson Family $100.00
Kevin Levison $36.00
sharon cameron $50.00
Michelle and Doug Tenenbaum $100.00
Go Team Marley!
Matt Gregory $100.00
Matt Butler $25.00
The Beck Family $50.00
Go Team Go! Hope we can walk with you!!
Myers family $100.00
amy + greg giessler $100.00
Allison Woods $25.00
Go get em, Marley!
Leslie Krysty $200.00
Shana Levin $50.00
Maggie, Jim and Laura Metzinger $50.00
Andrew Grossman $100.00
David & Elizabeth Stewart $250.00
Anne,Jason,Drew and Cade $50.00
Deb, Mike, Charlie and Sam Parkes $100.00
Go Marley!
Joyce & Chuck Shenk $100.00
Go Team Marley!
Matthew Grossman $350.00
Janice Roth $25.00
Glad to be part of Mar's Stars!
Julie Cohen $75.00
Way to go!!!
Gretchen & Wells Cook $50.00
Mark Talis $200.00
Matt & Laura Milless $100.00
Walk well Marley!
Liz Pione $50.00
The Quart family $25.00
Let's go Marley!
Nancy Haninger $500.00
AJ Solomon $50.00
Evan Fisher $250.00
Adam Eliot $50.00
The Antolini Family $50.00
Paul Kudlak $50.00
Donna and Ron Solove $50.00
Randy Javer $25.00
Max & Tiffany Margolis $25.00
Danny Glimcher $200.00
Matthew and Gerby Lewis $200.00
Katie and Peter Merkle $400.00
Todd Camp $50.00
Stephen Letourneau-James $321.00
Jo Ann Merkle $500.00
Rocco Bowl 2016 Crew $70.00
Adam S $50.00
Deda $500.00
Molly Pesich $21.00
Ben Pesich $21.00
Sam Pesich $21.00
Brady Pesich $21.00
Marley Pesich $21.00
Stephen Letourneau-James $21.00
Josie Merkle $21.00
Ned Merkle $21.00
Nancy Haninger $21.00
Michael Haninger $21.00
Suzanne Case $21.00
Katie Metzinger $21.00
laura metzinger $21.00